For Starcrossed: Battle of the One Shots.

Three rules: Must be multi chaptered unless battle of the one shots, must make a reference to Romeo and Juliet AND must be started AFTER the competition has begun.

[Third Time's the Charm]

Well they say the third time is the charm, I tried to convince myself as I stood in front of a mirror in the bathroom to a five star restaurant. I was hoping that the expensive wine, tasty food and the romantic ambience would be enough to sway her into actually accepting my proposal this time.

The first proposal, I must admit, was completely my fault.

I honestly had thought that putting the box with the ring into a small gift bag and just giving it to her would be enough. Seriously, why else would I be giving her a diamond ring on a day that meant nothing? Apparently I was wrong. I mean, the box to my face was enough of a hint as well as my friends telling me that I could have at least asked the question when I gave her it.

So yeah, it was safe to say that I had completely shot myself in the foot with attempt one.

I was grateful that she did not completely bin me because I am pretty sure most of her friends; and maybe her sister; told her that I was a no good loser for that stunt.

She, however, gave me a second chance to get it right.

And I blew it – again.

Seriously, who does not remember their girlfriend is allergic to nuts so therefore placing the ring in a hazelnut truffle was not my smartest move. There could have been a chance that she would not live to tell the tale! Thankfully, she did live and she does tell the tale as often as she can. But thanks to the trauma of a hospital visit and the fear of having almost killed the woman I loved I only half asked the question and nor did she answer me – but honestly, how was she going to answer me with a swollen throat?

So the third time was going to be the charm.

This time she would say yes, I knew it.

I had booked us a table at an exclusive five star restaurant where I have wined and dined her like the princess she is to me. She is wearing a dress that shows every man in the room how lucky I am to have her in my arm because it clings to every delicious curve but the highlight is her rusty coloured hair falling downing her back in a thick cloud of curls; the tousled look reminding me of how it looks on our pillow in a morning. More importantly, she is wearing that beautiful smile that shows the slight gap in her two front teeth that gives her a radiant smile that reminds me why I fell in love with her in the first place.

Pulling the ring box out of my chest pocket, I took one last deep breath and moved out of the bathrooms where the head waiter was already waiting for me.

As I approached our table, the over lights went out and a spot light focused on our table causing everyone to stop eating their dinner and turn their attention to her. She looked around, the panic in her eye causing my heart to ache but I knew she would get over it when I arrived. I was right. Her eyes relaxed as she saw me moving towards her but the slight apprehension appeared again when I knelt down in front of her.

The band was playing a soft melody to a song that I did not recognise but I was going to make sure I asked later which it was - we would need a song for first dance, right?

Smiling, I looked up into the face of the only woman I have only ever truly loved and finally asked her the question. "Laurie, will you marry me?"

Her beautiful ivory skin was now a warm red thanks to her blushing and she just stared at me, her jaw clenching as she strangled the napkin that she held in her hand. Her eyes were wide, showing an obvious sign of betrayal before finally a tear slipped out causing my heart to break. This was not how I imagined it going down. Where were the kisses or the hugs or the cheers?

"No," she whispered shaking her head as she slammed the napkin down on the table, her chair clattering back as she attempted to get out of her chair to fast to make her exit.

There was a moment of awkward silence in the restaurant and then eventually the overhead lights came back on, the dull chatter replacing the silence as I tried to process what had just happened. I could just imagine the looks of pity decorating the faces of those sitting around us and they were something I could not take so I chased after her.

It did not take me long to find her.

She was pacing in front of a fountain that was lit up with twinkling fairy lights and it appeared to have two figures kissing in the middle, her hands raking aggressively through her curls as she hobbled the best she could on the grass in those silly stiletto heels she insisted on wearing. I could see that she was angry. What the hell did she have to be angry about? I was the one that had just been publicly rejected.

"How dare you run out on me?" I shouted before I could control myself. "Laurie, you just publicly humiliated me!"

"Of course, Charlie," she spat as she turned to look at me. "It's all about you! I mean, you know I hate being the centre of attention so you think the best way to show me that you love me is by putting a fucking spot light on me?" She started to slowly applaud, the mocking claps causing my anger to boil over as I glared at her. "Well fucking done, babe! You really know me."

"What the hell do you want, Laurie?" I shouted at her as I moved to sit down on the wall of the fountain, defeated. Three proposals gone wrong were enough to take the wind out of your confidence, I can assure you of that. "Come on then, tell me. Do you want me to stand in front of all these people in there and shout about how much I love the fact you eat your cereal dry just so you can keep the box and the bowl next to your bed without worrying about getting milk?"

She turned to look at me and I could see that she did not find that as amusing as I did. I still remember the first time I learnt she did that and how I had cried into the pillow with hysterics. It was so damned cute, I hope she does it until the day we're too old to be eating crunchy cereal.

"Or maybe how about the fact that I love the way you braid your hair into pigtails for when you go to the gym. It gives you that sexy air of innocence that should be completely wrong and perverted but at the same time I love how much it turns me on. It makes me get territorial and march into your gym to make sure that no one else is getting the same pleasure out of it as I do."

I was being deadly serious on that one. I wanted to pull her back into my arms every time she got ready for the gym and mutter a cheesy line about how I would be able to help her work up a sweat for free but I had a little bit of style – well, I thought I did.

However, I managed it. I saw a smile crack on to the hard faced exterior that she was trying to keep.

"Or how I know that it's your shoes that stink out the cupboard under the stairs but I know you blame it on my shoes whenever friends come over. I happily take the blame, darling."

There it was.

The sound I craved.

Her warm bubbling laughter that was completely addictive.

Walking towards her, I stood awkwardly a few steps in front of her and studied her in the light glow of the fairy lights. She was beautiful. I could see the tear tracks on her face and my heart ached that I had done that to her but I could also see the spitting fire of anger in her eyes which caused me to feel that male smugness that I could push her buttons. I hope we would always argue and fight like this.

"None of that matters though, Laurie. All I want you to know is that I can't imagine a single day without you by my side and whenever I do I see nothing but darkness. Laurie, you're the light I need in my life. I love you with my entire heart and I want you to be my wife."

She considered what I was offering to her before flashing me that heart stopping smile once more. "Even with my stinky feet?"

"Even with the cereal crumbs," I promised and she just jumped up into my arms as she pressed a loving kiss to my lips, her legs wrapping around my waist as she showed me just how much she loved me. She may not have answered but I think I got the answer I wanted without any words.

So it was not a case of third time was the charm. Could you imagine how long this fiasco would have gone on if she had not finally lost her cool with me? Seriously, I think the next trick up my sleeve was a hot air balloon or something crazy like that.

No one ever said that Romeo trying to seduce his Juliet was easy but seriously, would life not be easier if women would just explain to us that they don't need gimmicks? They are more than happy with the raw emotion that we feel – when we feel it – and that is it. Do they not realise that we do not know this shit off the top of her head?

But none of my plotting even matters now, I realise as she threads her fingers through my hair and whispers into my ear about how maybe it was time to put her hair in braids for me, because I had my woman and the planning for the wedding was up to her.

God knows what sort of a mess I would have bloody made of it...


So this is my attempt for the fountain prompt of the Star Crossed Battle of the one shots over on A Drop of Romeo! Compared to my other attempt, this one is light and fluffy which is always good, right?

The deadline is Saturday so you still have two days to enter! SO GO GO GO!

This story is dedicated to my sister and more importantly her fiancé, if it had not been thanks to his first attempt – the same one listed in this story – then I would not have been inspired.

Thank you to my lovely friends Mr. Ree and HappyPenguin01 for reading over this for me! You're awesome.

Confession: I forgot to put in the Romeo and Juliet... How stupid is that?!