Love is a Battlefield

We are young heartache to heartache we stand no promises no demands...Searching our hearts for so long both of us knowing Love is a Battlefield.



Rita Ortiz sat at a table in the student center with her twin sister Jasmine discreetly watching her crush Kenneth Carter eat lunch with his best friend Aria Hurston. Though Rita didn't really think they were just friends because of how beautiful Aria was. Aria is a red bone girl with shoulder length sandy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes; she is average height like 5'4 with a tone athletic build. She was also a track star at the school and very popular with the guys but she never paid them any attention just Kenneth. Of course Rita believed there was more than friendship going on between them and for that reason she didn't like Aria and she never even met her.

Rita hated that she was so jealous of her because she's never been jealous before but there was just something about Kenneth that mad her act this way. Kenneth is a very handsome boy he had a Carmel skin complexion and a fade with hazel eyes and the most delicious juicy pair of lips with a muscular build almost like a basketball player but better and is 6'2. Rita wanted him in the worst way and she has ever since she saw him freshman year at orientation. With each passing year her crush for him grew but he never seemed to notice her, which didn't surprise her seeing as he's an Alpha and girls on that campus just through themselves at him. These weren't average girls either they were all so beautiful, Rita didn't stand a chance.

Rita was very confident in her looks though she just didn't think she was enough to compare to them. Rita is average height as well standing at 5'5 with tanned white skin which comes from her Puerto Rican and British background, she has shoulder length blonde hair that she usually wears in curls and has a curvaceous figure with brown eyes. Even with being so beautiful that didn't stop her from being insecure when it came to Kenneth who is fucking her big sister Kimbella Williams. Kimbella made it her business to brag to Rita about her sexual encounters with Kenneth. The question is why though because besides Kimbella no one didn't know anything about who Kenneth was messing with.

He was very discrete when it came to his sexual partners or girls in general. It was something he took very seriously. If he found out a girl was bragging about them he would drop her like a bag of rocks with no remorse. So even still the only person beside Kenneth and Kimbella that knew of their "relationship" was Rita. That's some piece of information she could live without. Even still though she couldn't help but to still want him knowing that if she had him his encounters with her sister wouldn't even matter.

All these things were running through her head as she silently continued to stalk him with her eyes while ignoring whatever her sister was talking about. More than likely Jasmine was talking about her own secret crush that she has on Rita's best friend Savannah Hart. Honestly Rita was tired of hearing about it from both Jasmine and Savannah because they both had secret crushes on each other but there're to afraid to tell each other and Rita is stuck in the middle. She knows she could just tell them both that they each have a crush on each other but she knew that would be wrong plus there're both grown so they'll figure it out eventually. So she just chose to ignore her for the time being while secretly getting turned on in the worst way as she watches Kenneth's juicy lips wrap around the apple before he bit into it. She watched him intently, biting her own lip not even noticing her sister practically screaming her name until Kenneth looked up in her direction.

"Rita I know you hear me calling you."

"What!?" Rita almost shouted feeling embarrassed that the whole student center was looking in their direction

"Don't what me I'm over her talking to you and you over there about to cum on yourself watching that boy" Jasmine said with much attitude

"I'm sorry that I'm not interested in you talking about the same ol shit today" Rita said giving her attitude back

"Well sorry if I bore you bitch" she nearly yelled

"Apology accepted hoe"

"Whatever Rita I gotta go to class anyway"

"Bye" Jasmine was almost out the door when she heard Rita scream her name


"I love you" she couldn't help but to smile at her twin

"I love you too see you at the apartment later"

"See ya"

That's what they loved most about their relationship that they could argue like cats and dogs for one minute and then say I love you the next.