As I stalk through the forest to the home of my unfortunate victim, I see their silhouetted figure moving behind the curtains of their towering mansion. "So you are awake, my dear. Then I will have to wait. And when you sleep, only then will you truly slumber. And you will be mine, as I am forever yours," I whisper to the damp night air. At those words, I pull out a gleaming silver knife, which shines bright from the omnipresent fog.

The claustrophobically arranged clutter of trees has disappeared now, but the fog has not. In front of me, I am met by a lush meadow surrounding a lavish home. All that is left is to complete the deed. Simple.

I pause when I am within a foot from the downstairs bedroom window. It is so close. I will find what I deserve. You will find what you deserve. I told you there would be consequences. How could one such as you be so careless to ignore those pleas?

The delicate glass shatters as my arms slams into the immaculately clean window. Shards jab into my skin and the hot blood streams down my arm. I feel no pain. I am numb.

Bells start ringing. It is a shrill, obnoxious sound. I dismiss them and continue. I enter the house, and the moonlight shines through, illuminating the room. Old memories resurface.

Hair trailing behind me as I sprint through the park. A laugh. A kiss.

Oh, please, my mind tells me. Those are cliché moments. Nothing special.

There's more.

A smile. An impish grin. Times of ease and carelessness. Freedom. Cheer.

Ha. As any of that hasn't been documented in a teenage romance novel. But I push those memories away. There must be no weakness tonight. Not now.

Approaching the bed, my body betrays me and my face softens. Determined to continue, I don't hesitate to act. "Wake up," I murmur softly.

He grunts as his clueless eyes flicker open. They widen when he recognizes me and what I am holding.

I lean in close, and whisper, "You will be mine, as I am forever yours," and plunge the knife into his chest.