Honestly, this was an essay from when I was in elementary school.

I thought it was pretty random and decided to upload it.

Pretty much a load of crack.

There might be a bunch of grammar mistakes, but whatever.

On with the story!

A Super Day Indeed

My name is Crystal Fortuna and this is my story:

One day, Brendan Winston, my best friend, and I were walking to school when suddenly there was a noise piercing through the air. Brendan and I stopped and looked around to find out where the noise was coming from. All of a sudden, there was a crash right next to us and we fell on the ground. Lots of dust and smoke rose into the air. The ground shook heavily. When the shaking finally stopped and we stood up, there was an eerie green glowing in the thick smoke. When we tried to back away from it, it followed us. Then, in the smoke, a bunch of other green glowing things was making a circle around us. The lights spun faster and faster until they looked like a giant floating ring. The ring became smaller and smaller until they were squeezing us together. Suddenly, everything turned dark as I lost consciousness.

When we woke up, we were in the exact same place where we fainted, but the green ring had disappeared and there was no sign of anything that had occurred, the earthquake or the giant crash. When we got up, we noticed something different. I seemed stronger when I pulled Brendan off the ground. When I pulled him up, Brendan rose off of the ground. He hovered slightly above the ground for a while before lightly landing back on earth.

On that day, Brendan Winston and I, Crystal Fortuna, got superpowers. In addition to flying and strength, both of us acquired super speed, invisibility, and laser vision. We would use our powers to fight evil and save the world from any dangers, as the SS Sunshine and the Daylight Dancer. I was the SS Sunshine and Brendan was to be the Daylight Dancer. Together we could defeat anything.

Brendan and I had a telepathic connection. We could sense what was happening to the other at any time. Even if one of us was on the other side of the world, we could still sense each other. We could also talk to one another. This connection made us closer than ever. It also made us more powerful as superheroes. This was because when we were fighting an enemy, we could debate on what the enemy's weakness was or what the best way to defeat it was. Therefore, we always won the battle. Except on that disastrous day.

I was taking a walk to the park by myself when I lingered in front of a grocery store to watch a little old lady struggling with her bags. I quickly ran over when I saw that the bags were going to fall. Then I helped the little lady carry the bags over to her car using my super strength.

"Oh dear! Are you sure those aren't too heavy for you? No? Okay then, well my car is this way. Oh my, how quickly you got here. You are so strong. Oh my. Well good-bye! Thank you, young missy! Thank you!" the old lady babbled.

When the lady left in her car, I continued on my walk. Suddenly, a portly, old man ran up to me, snatched me up, and carried me into an old abandoned house in a little neighborhood. He carried me through the house and into the cellar as I struggled to get free. Inside the cellar of the house, there were lots and lots of machinery. He scowled at me with great fury.

"Hey! What do you think you are doing, kidnapping me like that?" I demanded.

"I am Dr. Miles Sebastian Josephine Ramirez Lauren Julio Caroline Charles Wendy Chupacabra Legume III. You may call me Dr. Miles III," the stranger bluntly replied.

" Wait. Doesn't legume mean bean?"

"Never say that!" he snapped. "Yes, legume does mean bean. I was born with such an unfortunate name. I am named after my mother Caroline and her three sisters, Josephine, Lauren, and Wendy. I am also named after my father Charles and his four brothers Miles, Sebastian, Ramirez, and Julio. I am also named after a Chupacabra which is my family's favorite animal and our family's favorite food, the bean."

"Oh how terribly dreadful it must be to be named after a vegetable!" I exclaimed.

"Oh I agree. It is saddening at times. But enough talking. You are now the prisoner," he sneered at me.

"What do you mean I am a prisoner?" I shrieked.

"I saw that you used super speed and some super strength just now. So, I know that you are a gifted one, meaning that you have special powers. Therefore, you will make a very good prisoner. Well, maybe not in attitude, but you are definitely worth millions." I could see dollar signs appearing in his deep, lifeless eyes.

"So you are going to sell me for money?!" I could not believe my ears. This mad man belonged in an asylum for the insane!

"No!" the mad man replied. "I will put you on display as a superhero for everyone to see. And I will make sure that you cooperate with me, because if you don't, your little friend Brendan will suffer deep consequences."

He pulled a lever that was next to him to reveal a curtain that was hiding a chair. Dr. Miles walked up to the chair and spun it around to reveal a very scared looking best friend of mine.

"Brendan! What happened to you?"

My mind reached out towards him and he motionless allowed me inside his mind. Instantly, I could feel his emotions and thoughts about this man, and they were not nice. He was being very straightforward with his thoughts. In one thought, he let me know that he had a deep hatred for this man since the very moment he saw him. He remembered how Dr. Miles kidnapped him and a deep flood of realization washed over me. This man was a super villain, with superpowers. He was capable of doing everything that he threatened to do to us and even more. But what could we do? This man was roughly three times our size and even with our superpowers, we probably had a 10% chance of winning. And only God knows what his powers were. However, I knew that he probably had super strength, because I am not that lightweight if you know what I mean. And he would most likely have to have super strength to drag me to the building, because even my 6 feet tall father cannot drag me to a building a couple yards away, much less carry me there. For a minute, it looked like all was lost. But together, Brendan and I developed a plan.

Brendan distracted him by asking Dr. Miles why he had kidnapped us. While he was lecturing Brendan on the importance of using us for money, I ran over to Brendan and broke the chair he was sitting on. Suddenly Brendan flew up, grabbing both the rope and I in the process. He dropped us onto Dr. Miles, and we both dive-bombed him. Together, we defeated the crazy, yet powerful Dr. Miles by tying him up with the rope, calling the police on Brendan's cell phone, and sitting on him for five hours until the police arrived with guns.

Thus ends the day that I, Crystal Fortuna the SS Sunshine, and Brendan Winston, the Daylight Dancer almost lost to Dr. Miles Sebastian Josephine Ramirez Lauren Julio Caroline Charles Wendy Chupacabra Legume III. But justice prevails once again.

That was horrible.

That was...a story. Somewhat.

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