Madoka no Himitsu
created & written by K-chan

With the baby tightly in her arms and a sword in her hand, she ran as fast and hard as she could, escaping from her restless pursuers. If she had been alone, she would face them like a true warrior, but she couldn't abandon the innocent child to strangers nor let it be killed. She shook the thoughts aside, knowing she would never forgive herself--no matter how many times she would be reborn, those thoughts would haunt her forever.

The sounds of boots crushing into the earth continued to echo behind her as the last ray of daylight died over the horizon. She mentally cursed their perserverance, but she couldn't give anything up at the moment. Her legs came to a sudden stop when she realized it was the end of the road for the two of them. Just below her was the raging sea. She peered down with a frown, seeing it was quite a deep path down. She could probably handle it, but with the child, she wasn't so certain.

"Hand it over," a ruthless voice demanded, "And we MIGHT spare your lives." She whirled around, and her deep, violet eyes narrowed at the six leaders of the horde of disciples after her. Her glare was locked on the speaker, who was a tall, broad-shouldered man. He was the leader of the unjust group, hunting her down like measly prey. His menacing eyes never tore away from her as she slowly backed herself towards the edge with her sword in front of her. Her grip around the quiet bundle tightened, making certain that it was still in her arms.

Along with the sides of the husky man, four more men and a woman stood defiantly in her only safe escape route. They would seem intimidating to ordinary people not of the martial arts world, but they were nothing in her eyes. She scanned through the crowd once more, trying to make out a familiar face, and then gave up inwardly. She knew she shouldn't have put so much hope into him.

"Like hell would I believe you," she snarled.

The woman stepped foward, smiling with fake sweetness. She wore a black kimono that hugged her attractive body, revealing much of her unblemished shoulder. "But you're risking a young life there," she chuckled, gesturing lazily towards the child.

She loosened her hold a bit and glanced down at the peaceful face, finding bliss in that single moment, before turning back to her opponents. She twirled the sword until it pointed down at the ground. "She can't die, and I can't die, but if our lives depend on this book," she said, reaching into the outer pockets of her thin garments with the armed hand, "Then I'll have to risk it!"

There was no way she would make it through the crowd with only herself. She couldn't give up the book that held the future of the world at its mercy. She wouldn't allow those with dark ambitions to get their hands on it. She would rather die with it.

"Don't be a fool!" the woman shouted angrily, wanting to grab the book immediately. A sensible old man held his staff in her way, urging her to calm down before they lose the precious treasure.

"I'm sorry," she whispered softly to the child, "your life was so short. I hope you can forgive me." She securely tucked the book within the child's bundle, and after throwing the sword at her pursuers, she turned towards the end and jumped to her fate.

Immediately after the sword was slapped aside, the six rushed up to the edge of the cliff as they caught a glimpse of the young woman's splash into the watery depths. The leader growled, "GO BELOW AND SEARCH! DON'T STOP UNTIL THE BOOK IS FOUND!" His disciples acknowledged his order and broke off, heading towards the shore.

"You heard that!" shouted another man, commanding his own students. Eventually the other four followed suit, only silently desiring if from themselves, and that left the six to stare out at the sea that breezy night.
TO BE CONTINUED... Next chapter, "Discoveries."

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Am I evil or what? I keep starting new stories! Out of all my original pieces, this one was inspired from a dream I had. The whole story (which is far from having any end) isn't all from a dream, just one scene that will create what you will (hopefully) continue reading. I'm not sure if I'll keep the title as it since I haven't figured out the MAIN plot of the story yet, but I do like the title.

Mii-chan says "hi" to everyone since she's gone now. She's suppose to edit this other story I'm working on, but she won't have time since there is a thing called "fun" in her life. I wish I could get that out to you guys but I still have 2/3 of it left, but I'll tell ya what it is:
Digital Fantasy: Legend of the Twelve Digi-Crests , a Digimon & Final Fantasy Tactics fusion. The prologue has twelve parts--that's why it's taking me so long to get it written. Please be patient 'cause this will be my best Digimon-related fic yet. It'll be an epic! Twelve different lives soon merge into one path that will lead them to their destiny.
Anyway enough of me and the melodrama. Mata ne!

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