Jacinta walked around the vast wasteland, unsure of where she was. There was nothing in sight, apart from the occasional rock and dried up river. She had never been to this place, nor could she remember how she got was all a mystery to her.

It was getting darker, and the wind was starting to pick up. She shivered and pulled her coat around her body, squinting her eyes. She could see something in the distance, something that looked oddly like a human. As she got closer, she tripped over what appeared to be a rock. Except, it wasn't.

She looked over, and to her disgust, she found she had tripped over the body of some animal. It had several gaping wounds in its side, where blood had leaked out and onto the ground. There was no sign of life. As Jacinta peered closer, she noticed it was a dog, that looker roughly like hers. The same balck shaggy fur,and the same missing front paw. . .
Jacinta gasped. It couldn't be. How had her dog ended up in the middle of a desert, dead? It just wasn't possible. She stumbled forward, her shoes making sickening noises as they stuck to the now concrete floor. She was so close to the other person now, only metres apart.
"Help me!" Jacinta screamed at the man. It was then that she noticed that the man had a odd transparent quality. She could almost see through him.

Suddenly, something didn't seem quite right about him. Jacinta's heart started beating faster as it moved closer. This was no human; she had no idea what it was. She felt like she was going to be sick. She ran to the left, and the thing chased gained the upper hand on him, but soon lost it as her shoe caught on something. She looked down and tried to pull it free, but stopped. There were two people lying on the floor, and there was no mistaking who they were. Her parents lay lifeless on the floor before her, and she let out a shrill scream. She collapsed beside their bodies and started sobbing.
"Mum! Dad! Get up, he'scoming for us!"She yelled. She knew it was no usethough, the thing was a mere metre away.

As the thing ascended on her, she awoke with a start. She was sweating and panting, her blankets and pillows on the floor, and her body tangled in the sheets. She pulled herself free and stood up. She went over to the window and opened it, letting the cool breeze in on her face. She was only dreaming?It seemed so real though. Her body even felt like she hadfallen on it several times. She rubbed her arm self conciously,and walked back over to the bed, her toe hitting something on the way. she looked down hesitantly, and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw one of her favourite books lying on the ground. she remembered reading some of it before she went to bed and instantly thought that that was where the nightmare had come from. She pickedit up and shut it, putting it back on the book shelf. Jacinta hopped back in bed, oblivios to the blood on the book.