The sweetest smiles

A gentle touch

His breath like that of fragrant fire

Melting me

and my entire being

Falling in his palm,

where he laughs so warmly into my ear,

and teases me does he

My blush is showing

so evidently in his dazzling eyes,

I see my reflection:

A love-struck girl

who fell for a boy who's waited for so long

Sweet child, born for me.

He is mine

and mine alone

Even if we don't end our final chapter

together with "Happily Ever After"

his heart of gold will remain in my possession.

Because I love him so.

Stupid, heartwarming boy

I feel the butterflies

I feel my stupid grinning face

I feel our lips touch

Melding into one

Perfect harmony

We are one

Forever and ever

He is Mine.

It's way too early in the morning for this kind of stuff. x.x