Averian knew she was being an idiot but she slowly made her way over to the corner where the shrouded man sat. Last night she was certain she'd dreamed of this very man... And as she got closer, she realized he wasn't shrouded at all but one of the darker-skinned people, and her sharp eyes picked out otherwise invisible darker lines running across his skin.

Her curiosity and interest grew greater. Who is this man? What is he? Why was he in my dreams? The questions ran quickly through her mind. His eyes found her and she almost froze in her tracks as her heart skipped a couple of beats, increasing speed, and her body warmed. Desire. Something her body itself had felt before, but never so instantly and strongly. Almost in a hypnotic state, she continued forward towards him.

Right as she reached him, it clicked in her that she did, in fact, know this man. And as it did so, she stumbled forward; stunned that she reacted in such a way to him... Not only did she know him but once he had been a like father figure to her... But her body was almost on fire from his mere gaze alone, and the thought of him touching her sent chills of delight down her spine, as well as made her ache for it.

Dante moved so swiftly his motions were a blur to her, and he had her in his arms before she could utter even a squeak of protest. "Are you okay?" He spoke softly, but his purple gaze held her and she was falling, burning, breathless; full of exhilaration just at being held by him. It just felt so... Right... She could not find a thing in her but those crystal purple eyes. And as the purple began to turn to green and his breathing to pick up, she knew he was affected, too. "Who are you?"

She bit her lip, afraid to answer him. She'd changed a lot physically over the years, and she wasn't sure how he'd react to her claim as Averian. Nor was she sure he wouldn't just shove down what he was feeling in this moment, what she was feeling, because of it. And she abruptly knew that whatever Fates had brought them together wanted them to be together, or else they would not feel this way.

Averian opened her mouth, about to use her alias, when recognition lit in his eyes and he gripped her arms tightly, pulling her closer to him. "...Averian? ...Little Averian?" She nodded slowly, a sigh of resignation already on her lips, but he surprised her. He grinned widely and kissed her softly on the lips, his hands moving to her waist as he held her to him.

Her response to the brief kiss was instant; she melted against him with a soft sigh, brushing her lips against his and closing her eyes. When he lifted his head, she lowered hers to his chest and laid it there contentedly. His breathing was a ragged, her heartbeat raced off into the speed of light, and that was from one little kiss; it makes one wonder what a deeper one would do...

This was the first time in... Centuries... She'd felt anything this intense. Anything this intense besides anger, the need for revenge, and the drive to kill... It felt like a breath of fresh air after being locked up in a cellar for years; water to a parched throat after being lost in the desert.

"I-I'm sorry, Averian. I don't know what overcame me." He started to pull away from her, to her disappointment, and irritation sparked in her. She looked back into his eyes. Once again, she was lost, but this time she could move, so she threw her arms around his neck and kissed Dante with all the long-held passion in her heart. His hands found themselves back on her body, and her legs came up and wrapped around his waist.

Dimly, she was aware of people beginning to make whistling and hollering noises in the background, but she didn't care: it was just her and Dante in their own little world, until he pulled away again. She let out a growl of protest, but let him.

His eyes were a dark crystal green, her own were probably silvery-gold, and his teeth had sharpened and lengthened; her imagination easily placed them on her, causing her to shiver but he wasn't looking at her, rather at something at behind her. And now that she was no longer distracted, she knew why.

"Hey Kas, that wench gonna give all us boys the same show she's given you tonight?" A few rumbles of laughter followed that, though they quickly quieted at the growl Dante gave. He quickly extracted himself from Averian, setting her down gently, and strode over to the man who had supposedly made the leer, picking him up by the throat. His grip quickly tightened, causing the man to start turning blue.

"Say something like that about Averian again, and I'll kill you." He gave a tight squeeze then threw the man across the room, turning back to her. She was a little startled to see his eyes dark red and fury reaper marks on his skin. "Let's go." He gestured out the door and made to leave, and she followed him, not sparing another glance at the bar she'd met him in again after so many years.