Story about high school life. First person point of view. I'm practicing to write better, especially in conveying the character's emotion part. Review are greatly appreciated.

There're more to this story. Just start off with a short piece, please tell me what you think will be coming.

Today we were having our final exam on Geography.

I studied the whole last night. I was wondering whether I should study Chemistry. We are having English, then Final exam, and Chemistry last. We would be having Chemistry final exam the week later. Anyway, we hadn't had Chemistry lesson for 3 weeks. Our teacher was always 'too tired to teach so we study by ourselves' or 'teaching something – as in his opinion – too easy for us – so he just skim the whole chapter with 45 minutes'. But anyhow, again, nobody ever study Chemistry anyway. Though, I should be studying Chemistry because I'm aiming for Medical school. Nevertheless, we are having Geography Final Exam the day later, so it should be priority. After I was done with Geography, it was already past midnight. Whenever I sleep after mid-night, I get all dizzy and sleepy the next morning at school that I can't think straight. So I thought I had better get to bed so I wouldn't mess up the final.

Next morning came pretty fresh. I woke up immediately when the alarm goes off. Maybe it was just my adrenaline running off temporarily, but I was positive to keep it going at least until after the final. The sky was shining brighter than the usual gloomy winter day. My eyelids felt a little heavy; I rest it a bit on the car to school. Some parts on the way, I could see other highschoolers rushing to school. Maybe they were having class even earlier than my school's 7:30 am.

So the school bell rang. A number of students turned up late. So just as soon as everybody came, my English teacher, with her everyday-smiling face said: "We're having 45 minutes test. Put all English materials away. Do not cheat."

Some students wines. She continued "Do not wines. You're English major class*. You're doing normal classes' test so you will only do it in 20 minutes. No object! Now, spread the test paper." She gave us the paper and we had no way but to do it.

*The school is divided into different major classes, in which students will study advanced program in such subject. (for example: English major students study advanced English, normal classes student study basic English)

The good part is yet to come.