Out Of My Mind.

Sunday, December ninth.



"Come on Sammy, wait up!" My little brother, Jared, exclaimed

"I told you, if you came with me to keep up." I explained, slowing my walking pace down

"And don't call me Sammy," I glared

"Julie said to stick together." Jared pointed out

"I don't care; I'm getting my Christmas shopping done." I told him

You probably are wondering who I am.

I'm Samantha Johnson; I have mid-length brown hair, brown eyes, and I'm 5'4.

Oh, and I'm seventeen.

The one complaining is my little brother, Jared.

Jared is a four years younger than me, making him thirteen. He has sheep dog hair that is always in his face, he has brown eyes and he's 5'1.

The person he mentioned, Julie, she's my sister. She's a year older than me, making her eighteen. She has long brown hair, she's naturally a blonde, she has green eyes and she's 5'7.

Right now, Jared and I are getting Christmas shopping done.

Well, I am. He is looking at video games every chance he gets.

I looked at my checklist, only one person done.

This is gonna be a long night.

I speed-walked along the line of toy aisles, noticing a cute boy in the corner of my eye as I reached the back aisle.

"Sammy, my legs hurt." Jared complained

"And you think mine don't?" I asked

Jared huffed.

I started looking at the toys, looking for something for my stepbrother.

"Hello," A deep voice greeted

I looked up to be greeted with the most beautiful emerald green eyes.

"Hi," I smiled

"Hey Sammy, how about this?" Jared asked, holding up a Nerf gun

"I don't have enough money for that Jared," I sighed

"And don't call me Sammy," I ordered, annoyed

"I'm guessing, Mom?" He guessed

I laughed a little.

"I'm his sister," I laughed dryly

"How old is he?" The green eyed boy questioned

"He's thirteen, I'm seventeen." I explained

"You know, you don't look seventeen." The green eyed dream smiled

"Really?" I questioned

"Yeah," He nodded

"How old do I look?" I asked

He shrugged,

"Twenty two, twenty three,"

"Is that good?" I wondered

"You can get into places I can't," He chuckled

"How old are you?" I asked

"Guess," He smirked

"Sixteen?" I guessed

The green eyed boy pointed up.

"How old?" I questioned

"I'm eighteen," He smiled

"You and him here alone or with your parents?" He asked

"My sister dropped us off," I sighed, glancing over to see Jared infatuated with the same Nerf gun as earlier

"I've been here since four; parents won't be here 'til eight." He let out a dry laugh "I'm bored as H-E double hockey sticks,"

"Hey! He said a bad word!" Jared exclaimed


"Dang," I muttered, a blush rising to my cheeks

"I'm telling Julie!" Jared yelled, pointing at me

"Been here since six," I sighed

"I've got to go," I told him

"And maybe bribe him," I pointed to Jared "With some cash to keep his mouth shut." I laughed dryly

"See ya," The green eyed boy chuckled

After about two hours, forty one dollars, ten dollar bribery, and five Christmas gifts later, Jared and I are climbing into the car with Julie.

"How was Christmas shopping?" Julie asked

"He stays at home next time." I grumbled

"Meet any cute guys?" Julie wondered

"Sammy's got a boyfriend!" Jared exclaimed

"You got a what?" Julie yelled

"I do not have a boyfriend; I was just talking to a really cute boy and he thought it was funny when I got embarrassed because Jared was scolding him about cussing." I explained

Julie laughed.

"Isn't it my dang job to embarrass you Sammy?" Jared asked, putting emphasis on 'damn'

"Yeah it is, and it's mine too." Julie smirked, coming to a stop at a red light

"Oh God, what are you doing Julie?" I questioned

"Isn't that the prissy girls you told me about?" Julie asked, a smirk on her face

"You wouldn't," I glared

Julie rolled down my window.

"Hey! My sister, Samantha Johnson, told me that you are the most stuck up prissy whores in school!" Julie yelled

The light turned green as Julie sped off.

I rolled up my window and glared at Julie.

"I hate you, both of you." I told them

"We love you too Sammy," Julie and Jared said in unison

We got home about ten minutes later.

I got my bags and went inside, to the privacy to my room.

I hid the Christmas presents in my closet and changed into my pajamas.

I went over and sat at my computer.

I logged into my Facebook.

Three messages and five notifications.

I clicked on the message icon and looked at the first message.

It's from my best friend, Rebecca Chandler.

"Hey, mall tomorrow?"

"Sure, I have Christmas shopping to do and I don't wanna do it with Jared." I sent back

Second message.

It's from my older brother, Liam.

Liam lives about three states away from me, I live in Georgia he lives in Texas.

"Hey Sam, I'm not gonna be coming for Christmas this year. I'm sorry, I love you."

I wiped away the tears that had filled my eyes.

"It's okay, see you soon Liam." I sent him

Third message.

It's from Rebecca?

"Sam, you might want to look at your wall. Head whore of the cheerleaders has been there."

I clicked on my notifications.

First notification.

Heather Adams has posted on your wall.

Second notification.

Hilary Scott commented on a post on your wall.

Third notification.

Angel Miller commented on a post on your wall.

Fourth notification.

Jessica Rodriguez commented on a post on your wall.

Fifth notification.

Rebecca Chandler commented on a post on your wall.

I clicked on Heather's notification.

Heather's wall post.

"You might want to take a good look in the mirror, before you go gossiping and calling me a 'prissy whore'."

Hilary's comment.

"Yeah, and you might want to wear a paper bag to school tomorrow."

Angel's comment.

"Or you might want to get reconstructive surgery."

Jessica's comment.

"It'd be best to transfer schools all together."

Rebecca's comment.

"Why don't all of you prissy little skanks go crawl back into the deepest part of H-E double freaking hockey sticks where you came from?"

Rebecca: "Don't let them get to you Sam."

Me: "They're just trying to get a rise out of me."

Rebecca: "What happened to make them do that?"

Me:"Julie was driving Jared and I home and she decided to cause me a little bit of trouble."

Rebecca: "Why?"

Me: "Heck if I know."

Rebecca: "Sigh, it's almost ten. See you tomorrow."

Me: "'Kay Becks, thanks for sticking up for me."

Rebecca: "No problem, what are friends for?"

Me: "Yeah, you're right."

I signed out of Facebook and turned off my computer.

I took off my necklace that Liam gave me and let my hair down.

I turned off my bedroom light and laid down in bed.

My thoughts kept drifting to the green eyed boy at the mall.

He's just a cute guy.

Then why couldn't I get him out of my mind?

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Tata for now.

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