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Weaving the Threads

Pink and blue are the colors of all.

Segregation to them is all but unknown.

To synchronize the DNA alone,

And to weave their fates, for all I've known.


Cherryblossoms fall with the storms on hold.

To knock on someone's door is too much for two.

To touch their sight, and their chances are small;

Now the weaver intertwines a loop from two ropes.


Soar! I have to spread on my wings.

There's an echo that voices the sound of a kiss.

To tie again the works of a bond,

The weaver stops to make some cloth.


The weaver tries to embroider some more,

For the story that holds inside must not be left untold.

The two in the picture never known there is a force.

And binding them together, only the weaver knows.


The weaver puts the final product in the frame,

To remind her all the meaning of pain.

What is lost has yet to be gained,

She sheds a tear that her memories made.

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