Warning to certain people: If you don't want it or you putting flames on me, don't read it.


There's twists and turns

In every world.

Where seeds are sown,

And plants would grow.


Why would we compare

The life of a tree?

Where natures collide,

In the duality of life.


Pagan beliefs

Aren't supposed to exist.

But why would someone

Continue to insist?


Once there's a time,

Where trees are trees

And lilies are lilies;

For the whole time being.


Fools for life!

To a tree who hugs another tree

And a lily to kiss a fellow lily.

This isn't God's will!


You say that love

Never has any boundaries.

Yet you already did

Such an abominable sin!


This world is twisted

By your every whim.

Don't you care about things,

The way it is?


This world is spoiling

By your rancid acts.

It can be useful in fiction,

To the negative of life.


There are still remaining

Of flowers who love trees.

Where trees kiss the flowers

To make a sakura tree.


This is a world

Of twists and turns.

And this is the end

Of my protest song.

A/N: I'm not going to make any offense here, but to me this is the truth.