Hi dear readers, here is my new poem! I've just revised on one of the poems I once discarded because this is almost related to Settings:Reset and I've ran out of ideas before. Anyway, enjoy and review!

Love, CorycianAngel1944

A Shard of a Broken Path

In a room with a scene of stars

Is a scrutinizing gaze of a veiled mourner.

Her hands are outstretched to them afar...

To the things beyond the saddened misty gale.


"Oh look, all of the sand is in the other side

And the connecting hourglass is broken into pieces.

Cannot be fixed, cannot turn back

The path is blocked, and now I'm being left behind."


She now has to go around to that forgetful helix

And climbing up its steps to avoid this painful feeling.

So now, a scar has been opened,

Gushing out all the sanguine scenes that remained


And her sight blurs in longing to see him again.


But alas, he is no more.

She knew it as she lies in this dark, empty void.