Beyond the rough and tough exterior,

there is a fragile childish innocence

bearing a beautiful smile. Divine grace

is mine and I feel fine for real. I shine

like a diamond and never have a reason

to whine or bleed crimson. I am such a

special person of great interest and

importance to you. You take pride

in this artwork, my cookie dough paper

heart. I search for the potential that

you see in me. I touch my reflection

and it is an instant magnetic romantic

attraction. My corpse bride, goddess

of imaginary light awaits me on the

other side where we indulge in

poetic matters. How long shall I

hide away from the sunlight? How

long shall my soul remain quiet

within me? How long shall I be

without a valentine? Here today

but gone tomorrow, youth is surely

a fleeting glory. Plastic surgery

brings misery, a rosary worth

singing in my sanctuary so called

one nation under God. Bittersweet

emotion, death walks toward me in

slow motion drawing out my last breath

every hour. Sparks fly, I touch

the sky as if I was an angelic butterfly.

Promising a new dawn, undying joy and

hope have redefine my life. I embrace

eternity, immortality hoping to discover

my internal summer. My plain natural

beauty captures your attention and

I feel loved from the inside out.

I am not a drop dead gorgeous super model,

but I appear beautiful before your eyes and

God's eyes.