The earth turned like an egg in boiling water. Restless, wild, and unpredictable. The wind pulled the air in torrential waves, sucking away the hope and joy that posed a threat to its violent existence. Spiders crawled from room to room, dangling their webs from the ceiling, invisable only to those who longed to be trapped.

Trees submitted and laid their great heads on the ground. Birds closed their wings and fell from the sky. Dogs ceased their barking and commenced to creeping about, and with one claw extended they slit the throats of their fellow species until they were all but extinct. Cars rusted away on cracked pavement. Buildings crumbled away in silence. Sheep walked in lowly lines across soft grassy hills, straight into the mouths of the waiting wolves.

And the sun teased us through it all, hiding behind black clouds until we nearly starved, but then it would extend a single ray and gratefully we would bathe in its warm light. We, who are not human. But nor are we animal. We simply are the dirt that covers the entire world. Trampled, burned, covered with cement.

Yes, we have taken much abuse. But we do not hold bitterness towards you, who have doomed us. We know and understand the ways of your kind. Men and women and the babies they created together all wept for their own selves, caring nothing about the ones they claimed to have loved before all of this started.

Selfishness drove them all to slaughter, and no, do not be mistaken. You are among them. The same knife with which you butter your bread is also the same knife you use to take away the life of your family. Your hands are stained, so wipe them in the grass. We will take care of it. Our eyes are full of ash and salt and blood. Our mouths cannot get rid of the flavor.

Your mistakes, your faults, your lies, all of it has ruined us. You, every one of you, has ruined the very ground on which you walk. Where would you be without us? Your narrow minds cannot imagine it, but let us explain. Without solid footing, you will fall.