Character Draft;

One main character; female;

Personality; Loner; Bookworm; Blunt; Family Oriented; [Open For Suggestions]

Appearance; FireTruck Red Hair; Blue eyes; caucasian. very pale; 5'7"; 130 lbs; [Open For Suggestions]

Goal; to get herself and her sister back home. (They were kidnapped for ransom; [family is successful] kidnapper's base is on an island {unknown area} roughly 500 miles from the girl's home. A mad scientist has experimented on them repeatedly.)

Sub-main character; female's younger sister

Personality; Bubbly; Girly {likes dolls}; Naive; [Open For Suggestions]

Appearance; Dark Chestnut Hair; Blue eyes, caucasian, peach; 3'6"; 45 lbs [Open For Suggestions]