Chapter 8- Lockdown Showdown

World's most boring class award goes to U.S. history. It's sad, because the subject has promise too, except for the fact that the teacher doesn't even teach. So basically Jennie and I message each other back and forth on our laptops, commenting about the historical movie that's being played or the fact that half of our class is asleep. Actually, I was about to fall asleep too, until everybody in our school got a sudden burst of energy.

It came from the loudspeaker. It was our principal, which was the first red flag; She never talks to us over the loudspeaker. "Hello students, this is your principal. I have received word from a teacher that unknown personnel has entered the building." Her voice sounded calm and worried at the same time. I don't know how she manages that. "Until we're positive if anybody is or not, we are putting the school under lockdown. Please follow your class rules and wait for further instruction. Thank you."

Our teacher stood up. "Alright, kids. Line up against the wall opposite of the windows, and sit down on the floor." He turned off the movie, turned the lights off and put a poster over the window on the door. I sat next to Jennie, and she looked panicked, so I grabbed her shoulder and spoke quietly.

"Shh, Jennie. It's going to be okay. There probably aren't intruders anyways, it's probably just somebody's dad or something." She took a deep breath and tried to relax. We sat there for five, almost ten minutes. Then we all jumped when the loudspeaker turned on. There was a lot of rustling before a man with a strong British accent came on the loudspeaker.

"Alright, everybody betta listen up! We're searching for Allison Kare." I froze, and everybody in the class looked at me, even the teacher, and even Jennie. "Unfortunately, Allison, your mates here at the office won't tell me where you are. But they did tell me you have a phone system. So if you don't call the main office in the next sixty seconds, I'm going to blow the brains of everybody in this office onto the floor with the gun in my hand. I'm counting."

Jennie started panicking again, and spoke at a normal tone. Nobody shushed her. "Oh my God, Allison! What are you going to do?"

I took a deep breath. "I'm going to do what I have to." I walked over to the class phone, and looked at the paper for the office extension. My teacher intervened.

"Allison, I'm not going to let you do this. It's my duty as a teacher to protect you. You can't call that office."

"Sir, with all due respect, I know your wife works at the front desk. I need to do this. I know what I'm doing." He didn't respond and I called. Apparently this cockney guy left the microphone on because I heard it ring.

"Nicely done, in only 47 seconds." He picked it up. "Where are you, you bloody monster?"

I spoke with confidence. "Room 322, on the sie hall of the third floor. You're going to knock when you get here and I'm going to open the door and walk out of the room. You are not to step foot in this room and even look at a single person in here."

"Or what?" He turned the loudspeaker off, so his annoying voice echoed in the phone.

"You'll find out. I'll be waiting." I hung up the phone and turned to everybody else. They showed mixed emotions of fear, intimidation, anger, and everything in between. "Alright, you guys are probably pissed I'm bringing the guy up here, but I told him not to step foot in this room. You guys should be okay. Now, we probably have a minute and a half before he knocks. Is anybody wearing a belt I could borrow? Preferably leather."

One kid, who I recognized as Cameron, stood up. "Are you gonna hurt the guy?" He was that stereotypical trouble-maker-jock-too-good-for-you kind of guy, but he almost looked scared.

I shrugged. "I don't plan to, but I'd rather be safe than sorry." He nodded and took off his belt, handing it to me. I put it on quickly, and fastened it so that it loosely fit but didn't look suspicious. I grabbed the hair tie on my wrist and quickly put my hair up in a messy bun. He was taking longer than usual, so I had time to take a deep breath and remember my training and suppress the emotions of fear I was starting to get." Emotions are a weakness, Alli. And in this world, we can't afford to be weak." I mumbled this to myself as I took off my jacket.

And then he knocked. "We know you're in here Allison. Get out here now, and may not hurt you later."

I put my hand on the door handled, quickly exhaled, and cracked open the door. There I saw a tall, blonde man who looked to be in his late forties. Behind him stood two other men in the same age zone; one with greasy dark hair and a thick pair of glasses, and another with a dark complexion and a very intimidating look in his eyes. Seemed a little rag-tag to me, but they were obviously close friends, and I had done something to offend them.

"Well, well, well." The blonde man spoke with the accent I've heard today. "If it isn't Little Miss Kare. It's an honor to be meeting you in person, 341."

I clicked my tongue. They knew I was an operative. "Well you seem to know a lot about me. Can't I know just a little something about you?"

"Of course mate!" He smirked. "My name is George. This is Eli and Thomas. And we were very close your friends with your Director, Samuel J Nelson."