Aletta stared,speechless, at the figure stood infront of her. She was trembling slightly and she has gone so pale, she was on the brink of turning grey. Nobody spoke. Then Svend got up and placed a reassuring hand on Alettas shoulder. "aren't you going to let me in?" said the stranger. Aletta blinked and seemed to gather herself. She nodded "of course, come in". Every muscle in her body tensed as the figure glided past her. As Aletta turned, Svend caught the look on her face. She just stared at him. "Aletta" he whispered softly. She blinked and then smiled "Svend". She turned to the figure who was inspecting the room and its contents in great detail. She cleared her throat. " Svend this is..." she paused as if it took all her courage to say his name."Christopher".Christopher bowed to Svend who was still stood by the door. When he spoke, his voice was as soft and smooth as velvet. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance". "Pleasures all mine" said Svend dryly.

Aletta moved towards Christopher. " Please take a seat" she beckoned at the sofas. Christopher shook his head "i am not staying". Svend saw Aletta relax slightly. "Right".Aletta perched on the armchair. When she looked up, Christopher was stood infront of her. "You haven't changed one bit" Aletta drew her shoulders back "nither have you". Then Christopher bent down so that his face was level with Alettas. He then reached out and stroked her cheek with his index finger.

Aletta saw where this was going and quickly but calmly got to her feet and moved herself out of Christophers reach. Christopher straightened up. Aletta stared into the deep green eyes of her ex-fiance. The man she had loved and lost. The man who had been taken from her by her own best friend. The man who had ruined her life.

Christophers deep silky voice brought her out of her thoughts. "well this is no way to treat your guests. Come on Leela, i thought youd be pleased to see me?" Alettas hands tightened into fists. Then Christopher began to advance. He walked slowly and calmly towards Aletta. Aletta froze. "After all this time, Ive been looking for you". "i did something stupid, Leela, now i have come back for you". Christopher stroked Aleetas cheek with his finger. Aletta flinched. Svend took a defensive step forward. Christopher ignored him. "why did you do it?" Alettas voice waved slightly.

Christopher smiled an evil smile. "Well i am here now" He stepped even closer to Aletta so she could feel his every breath on her face. Svend was now full to bursting point. He marched over to Christopher, grabbed him by the shoulder and whirled him round to that the two men were looking at each other. Eye to eye. "keep away from her" he snarled.

Before Aletta could blink, the two men were at each others throats. Aletta screamed for them to stop but they just carried on. Aletta sank to her knees, her head buried in her hands.

When Aletta looked up, the fighting had stopped. Svend was stood over Christopher. Clearly victorious. Both were breathing heavily. " i have never seen Aletta like that and not many people can make her act that way" snarled Svend through gritted teeth. Then he was gone. Literally vanished.

Svend turned and saw Aletta. Strands of her hair were clung to her face, tears streamed down both cheeks and she had a look in her eyes that Svend had never seen before. He carefully moved over and knelt down in front of her. He put out a hand to move a piece of hair from her face, but Aletta panicked and backed herself against the wall even more. "Hey, its me". Svend whispered.

Aletta paused, then burst into tears. Svend gathered her up in his arms and cradled her against his chest. As he rocked her gently, he tenderly kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer.