The days of pain, the days of fright

Can anyone save me from this plight.

No sound of voice, nor breath of lung

Can bring me from this biting tongue

Empty words and vane reply

is the only thing from this mouth of mine.

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe my last

Hide, Hide, Hide my past.

I blame it all on you, or is it myself

'Cause I get confused as to who is myself

Broken inside is my heart of lies

A heart of lies, yes, but broken, nonetheless.

Trying to say, screaming to say

"Escape from the frightful day,"

But the words only escape as a whisper

Like the numb lips a dying youngster

I'm filling my eyes and heart with all I can

My mind, my lungs, myself

My mind fleets to you when I'm unguarded

I tried to avoid you since the day we parted.

But my heart loves you like I cannot say

I hold my breath, keeping you at bay

Because the very thought of you is despair

For the love I have for you cannot compare