Serious amber colored eyes. Flesh of a Native America. Black raven colored dreadlocks. A straw hat, open red-vest, and leather pants dyed blue. Have you seen such a man? If so, your eyes have fallen upon he who is called Crazy Joey.

"Woo-pah! Woo-pah!" yells Crazy Joey as he runs down the dirt road. His dreadlocks glides behind him like flying anacondas. Suzu and I watch him from a distance with our binoculars on top of Lochtige Mountain.

"Amness," says Suzu in that deep, goofy voice I've grown to tolerate over the last few months. Another thing I have grown to tolerate is the extreme roundness of his face and the burnt, crispy complexion he has. Where I come from, we don't like black people. And personally, I don't like people with extreme round faces because it only reminds me of my annoying cousin who thinks he is so funny. I will assure you that he is not fu

"What?" I ask.

"Are we really going to go after him?" His voice is trembling! This coward. As big and strong as he is, he sure has the heart of a lion raised by house cats. And yes it is possible. I have seen it with my own two.

"Of course we are! Do you know how much bounty is on his head?" I dig in my satchel and pull out the wanted poster showing Crazy Joey. "One hundred million credits."

Suzu looks at me with those pathetic, sometimes adorable, eyes. "But what can a dead person do with that?"

I sigh. Rule number six. Never think about death, because it will only bring fear. And fear will only bring hindrance.

"We are not going to die, okay? This is not our first rodeo. We've taken down Wild West, for crying out loud!" Wild West was definitely a sweat worked for. Known for his excellence with dual pistols. His weakness was young, Caucasian woman with big breasts. Let's just say many men like me better in a swim suit. Crazy Joey is no different from any other man. All men have a weakness. I just have to figure out what is his.

Suzu walks closer to me. I size him up for the thousandth time since I've known him. Tall and husky. His brown hair is styled into this curly, faux hawk. Small light-brown eyes and massive size hands. Today he wears a blue sleeveless shirt, showing off his rock like arms, black pants that are cuffed at the hem, and square-toed, beige shoes. The blackest black man I have ever seen in my life. My father is probably rolling in his grave. Oh well, because I am twenty-one, on my own, and in need of money, ff teaming up with "Big Black" will help me achieve what I want, then so be it.

"We did, huh?" Suzu strokes the small stubble of hair on his face. "Do you think the rumors about Crazy Joey are true? They said he once drove a whole pack of Buffalo into Razoon City and destroyed all of the soldiers' tanks stationed there."

I shrug. "People talk."

"Oh yea, they also said he once rode a bear into Empress Melanie's palace, kidnapped her, took her across the Scarred Dessert, and brought her back just to laugh at the guards there. The Emperor was pissed!"

I roll my eyes. "Look, so what? Stop trying to chicken your way out of this."

Suzu chuckles. "I'm gamed if you are, but this won't be easy."

I toss my head back, allowing the wind to take my red hair, and turn away from Suzu and his folly. I walk to my AirBike. AirBikes are heavily, armored motorcycles that hover using energy created by life shards. Mine is grey and designed with blue stripes. Suzu's is completely red with a bear claw emblem on it. I jump on and power it up which immediately causes it to float two feet off the ground. Suzu does the same. We both put on our sand-goggles which basically protects our eyes from debris.

"It looks like he's heading to Jamestown of Zeek XII." I inform Suzu.

Suzu nods in agreement. Honestly, I feel as if I'm wasting my breath. The twenty-four year old man knows so much more about this world than I do. I would never admit that to him though! Just the thought of hearing that stupid, goofy laugh of his for admitting he is better than me in land navigation.

I rev my engine twice before taking off down the Lochtige Mountain's Pass. Suzu is right behind me like always. I prefer him on my right, but he said he could watch me better from behind. Though I called him a pervert for that comment, I knew his intention. He just wants to protect me from harm.