First are the sounds of explosions. Next is the rumbling of the tavern. Lastly, is the "accidental" spilling of beer unto my white shirt. I'm so thankful to be wearing a bra. Suzu rises from the bar stool and towers over the scrawny man ogling at my chest while apologizing. He is easily asking for a punch in the jaw, but why get my hands dirty. Suzu grabs him by the shirt and flings him. He crashes into a table shared by an older couple.

"My apologies." Suzu bows to the older couple, then goes and pick up the little pervert.

"Excuse me, sir." says the old man. His hair is dark, curly, and missing on top. A fancy looking white man. The type my father used to acquaint himself with.

Suzu stops what he is doing. "Sir?"

"That is my nephew in your hands." He says politely.

Suzu looks at the man, who has a cheesy grin on his face. Suzu flares his nostril at him before turning his attention back to the old man. "With all due respect, sir, your nephew has no respect for women."

The old man nods his head. "This I am aware of, but if it is not too much to ask, can you not give him the beating that he deserves for my sake? Or at least, his dear aunt's sake."

Suzu look over at the older woman to see weariness on her face. Suzu's countenance falls. He lowers the man down.

"Thank you, kind sir." says the older man. He stands up and begins brushing his nephew off. "Are you okay, boy?"

"Yes, Uncle Brad." says the nephew thankfully.

"Good." Completely unprepared, I watch as the back of the old man's hand smacks against his nephew's face. Next, his dear old aunt climbs on top of her stool and jumps off. She falls on him with her elbow.

"Disrespect a lady, will you?" She says in a thick Irish accent. "I'm going to beat you like your mother should!"

I have seen enough. As the two begin to mud stomp the poor man, I grab Suzu by the arm. "Let's go check out the explosions."

Suzu nods. He guides me out the place, shielding my soaked chest from onlookers. Once outside, we have to remain on the patio outside the tavern. Wild kangaroos are stampeding down the stone-constructed road of Jamestown of Zeek XII. One kangaroo, in particular, has a robotic arm with a cannon attached to it. He jumps into the air and turns backward. The cannon begin glowing.

My eyes widen. "This is not good."

An energy ball engulfed in flames flies out and strikes a police AirBike chasing after the herd of kangaroos. It hits and sends the AirBike crashing into two more behind it. The kangaroo lands back on his feet and remains still, as the other kangaroos run around him. Suzu and I look at each other, than back at the cannon bearing kangaroo. It doesn't even acknowledge our existence. Instead, its gazed is fixed on the direction of where he just shot. I finally build up the nerve to also look in that direction. The scene I see is police trying to rescue the wounded of their force and multiple damaged AirBikes. Some are even on fire.

"Woo-pah! Woo-pah!" yells a high-pitch voice beyond the chaos. The kangaroo begins bouncing on his tail. The uninjured police immediately draw their weapons. Fear is written all over their faces. I look up at Suzu to see him staring in awe. A large dust cloud comes into sight. The police begin firing, but they are only covered in the dust. That's when I see him! Crazy Joey is right in front of the dust, running like a mad man. He passes by us and the kangaroo, leaving us also trapped in the dust.

I feel my face in Suzu's chest, where I can feel the vibrations from him coughing. This idiot is going to suffocate! I try to pull away, but I can't break his grasp. Eventually he stops coughing, and lets me go. I push him roughly in his chest just to find myself sliding backwards.

"I am not a little girl, Suzu!"

He looks at me with a sly smirk. "This much is clear."

I punch him in the chest. Although it don't hurt him, it makes me feel better somewhat. "Well, stop treating me like one! What, you think I can't handle myself?"

Suzu shakes his head, never losing that smirk. "No."

"You think I'm weak?"


This black bastard! "Well, what is it?"

"Your lungs has been weak every since our journey to Ember Forest." He says plainly.

As right as he is, I never told him that! "How do you know?"

"Black people's eyes are just as good as whites." He chuckles. "God made them the same."

I have no response to that. The dust completely goes away to reveal Crazy Joey standing before the kangaroo with the cannon. His hands are out to his sides as his fingers are wiggling. The kangaroo is standing flat on his feet with his cannon aimed at Crazy Joey.

"Crazy Joey!" The kangaroo speaks with a rich, deep voice.

"Jewels." says Crazy Joey in a solid voice.

"This is the end!" Jewels, the kangaroo, blast another one of those fiery energy balls. Crazy Joey leaps into the air, easily evading the blazing attack.

Jewels also jumps in the air and begins shooting off multiple blasts. Crazy Joey twirls in the air dodging each one. When he lands back on his feet, he charges forward with his hands pointed like knives. Jewels lands on his tail first, and then gets to his feet. He charges up his cannon. Crazy Joey looks over his shoulder to see a massive size fire ball coming his way. He begins running up the air as if it is wall before him. He then leaps backward and flips over the fire ball.

"Whoa." I say in awe.

"Crazy Joey in live action." says Suzu. I must admit, taking down Crazy Joey won't be easy!

Crazy Joey lands in front of Jewels. The kangaroo points his cannon at him, but it's knocked out the way. Jewels follow up by trying to kick him, but Crazy Joey jumps and lands on Jewel's toes. Next, he performs another back flip and kicks him in the jaw. Jewels is left sprawled on his back. Crazy Joey stands on the ground like a preying gorilla.

"Woo-pah! Woo-pah!" He yells at the top of his lungs.

Police sirens fill the air. Suzu and I look to see police AirBikes riding to the scene. Crazy Joey tips his hat toward us. He squats, takes one huge breath, and then springs upward, totally disappearing from our sight. We run out from under the tavern to see him running on top of the roof and jumping to the next. Jewels is back on his feet. He jumps over us and lands on top of the roof as well and begins chasing after him.

"Great!" I shout out loud. "Now we have competition!"

Suzu strokes his chin. "We are going to need new weapons."

Meaning, we are going to need more money. Ugh!