I like airports for the same reason I like train stations and bus stops. Transient places, always in motion, full of anticipation.

So many people in one place heading for so many destinations. The only places in the world where you go to go somewhere else.

The plane lands, the train pulls up, the bus screeches to a halt. People get off and I wonder if they're heading home, starting an adventure somewhere new or just waiting to leave again.

A young woman runs, drops her bags, and collapses in her lover's arms. Maybe she was gone a week, but they had never been apart before and it was the longest week of their lives. Maybe she had been gone for months and it was the first time in a long time they had seen each other's face up close. Breathing in their scent, relishing their embrace they would, at least for a little while, not take their time together for granted.

A middle aged man with a brief case and one other bag walks quickly, checking his watch, oblivious to the action around him. He's done this a dozen times and he has it down to a science. He knows where the taxis are waiting and he knows he'll need to call his wife soon or she'll worry. Or maybe he's married to his work and there's no one to call except girl from the back pages of the phone book.

Two college boys with oversized backpacks look exhausted as they look for the nearest bench to sit at. Wrinkled maps and half empty water bottles they try to figure out their next move. Maybe they've only been gone a couple days and they're beginning to wonder what they have gotten themselves into. Or maybe they've been at it for months and now it might be time to head home.

There's a rush of overwhelming activity; a new wave of people on their way to their destinations. People heading home, families on vacations, lovers being ripped apart.

A never-ending cycle of coming and going. The most transient places on earth.