Excuses, Excuses
~Just for Fun~

There is a group of people who believe that if something is writing "just for fun" then those who critique should not offer any sort of criticism on said piece. The problem with this argument is that a person can write something for fun without posting something publicly to the net. So the question comes down to why a person went ahead and posted it online.

A person posts something online so people can see it. They want people to see it because they want to hear people's comments about what they have posted. What is fun and enjoyable about getting these comments is getting your work praised. You don't have to actually enjoy writing or like writing for fun to enjoy this either.

Yes... I just said that some of the people who post online actually don't enjoy writing like they say they do and the real reason they are writing is because they want those reviews stroking their ego. Not everyone is like this, but one conclusion that we can come to whether a person writers for fun or not is that the reason for posting isn't just because the person is writing for the fun of it.

This means that the people who spout of that they are just writing for the fun of it are in fact lying, whether they are really having fun writing the piece or not. But what else may they be lying about? Well, one of the arguments that goes with this one is that they aren't wanting to make a big splash. That too is a lie, but why?

Because they wanted to get some sort of positive reaction. They may not be wanting a big splash, but they are wanting to get some kind of positive vibe from the experience. So what they are really saying when they say they are writing just for the fun of it is because it is fun for them to get positive reviews and of course negative reviews ruin their fun.

There are some people who believe that if a person only wants positive reviews then those who read are obligated to only give them positive reviews. The thing is, these writers do not have the right to demand that people only leave them positive reviews as they have posted their work publicly. This is censorship hands down and just plain self centered.

But in truth it can tell you a lot about these writers. Some of them are very young writers who aren't used to getting negative criticism from complete strangers. Others though have a self-centered feel about their writing. Their story is focused around their own personal wish fulfillment that they feel is owed them. But who owes anyone this? Nobody.