Contains spoilers for chapter 530 of Bleach.

Excuses, Excuses
~What a Stupid Idea~

One of the things I like to write is theory work. One of the theories that I like writing for which is no longer a theory is Isshin being the former taicho of the tenth division for Bleach. A couple of theories that haven't been proven though are that Gin and Rangiku are Toshiro's biological parents and another is that Bambietta will be his twin sister.

As of chapter five-hundred thirty of Bleach, I came up with a new theory, that Orihime is really Kurosaki Ichigo's twin sister and I wrote a one-shot for my one-shot collection. For those who read Bleach, I guess I should explain this one. I'll start off by saying no, I don't expect it to necessarily be true, but it is a theory based on putting things together. It's a really weird theory mind you, but there isn't anything to contradict this.

Orihime's background is that she was raised by her brother Sora, her father was a drunk, her mother was a prostitute and her aunt paid for her education and well fare. In the particular chapter in question it was revealed that Ichigo's mother was supposed to be in an arranged marriage with her cousin, who just so happens to be Uryu's father.

The way this theory works is that Uryu's grandmother is the one paying for Orihime's welfare. She would have given Orihime over to a branch family and when her adoptive parents died her adoptive brother would have taken over. Her aunt would have been the one telling her that Isshin was a drunk... he does act like it, and she would call Masaki a prostitute because she went against an arranged marriage.

I'll also note here that in the particular chapter it can be noted that Masaki and Orhime do in fact look alive, but then it has been noted for some time and that had been one of the reasons Ichigo/Orihime fans want to pair them up. However, this chapter reveals them to have very similar personalities to each other and it also reveals that Masaki was being trained in holy powers

This would explain why Orihime's power developed such a shrine maiden quality. But it really depends on if these holy powers were special powers that were outside of the normal Quincy abilities. But on top of this, Uryu's grandmother could still be alive and be the real reason he doesn't live at hom. He and Orihime could also be in an arranged marriage. Another interesting fact... Orihime's birthday is fifty days away from Ichigo's exactly.

Nothing wrong with writing all of this out in one harmless one-shot, right? Well, someone decided to leave an anonymous review telling me "now that's just stupid", and so is having Toshiro act like a little kid. Umm... yeah, he is a little kid. But why the animosity? Because... if Ichigo and Orihime do turn out to be siblings then you can't pair them together. Since I figure the person is a fan of the pairing I figure this is something they shouldn't be hiding behind anonymous reviews on.

That also said, I had discussed this theory with my brother before this chapter came out as there wasn't I felt enough to back up the theory and I didn't want to ruffle the Ichigo/Orihime fans with as little as I had. This chapter was what clenched it. Yeah... I knew it would upset people, but the itch needed to be scratched.

These kine of attacks where someone says that an idea is stupid without backing it up come from fans who don't want their bubble burst. They don't like the idea that the canon may end up turning out not to be the way they want. But you know what... the characters aren't theirs in the first place. Someone else created them in the first place, to be a certain way.

One of the things that crosses my mind is that some of this results from the writer not really understanding the characters in the first place. For example, for the same fandom there is another pairing where the majority of the fans do not understand the two characters, Toshiro and Momo. It goes beyond them simply making them horribly OoC in their stories though.

These two characters grew up as siblings and think of each other as siblings in canon. The majority of the people who love pairing them together will not hear anything about how they grew up as siblings. This is despite the fact it is stated quite clearly in canon that this is their relationship. Its to the point that they'll look for confirmation of their pairing in anything, even if they have to obviously misinterpret it.

These are honestly I think the fans that lash out at people are these particular people. It's the denial that causes people to lash out, because if they weren't in denial they could see outside of their little box on many things.