Excuses, Excuses
~It's Better Than...~

Next topic again occurs because of the Fan BBS. Have you ever read a title that summarizes the entire fanfic? For example, "Toshiro Becomes a Forth Year At Hogwarts". You know, they read like newspaper clippings. But what does that have to do with the topic at hand? I don't know. Actually, I do know but it isn't easy to explain this one.

One of the annoyances listed had to do with summaries though, summaries that say something along the lines of "its better than it sounds" or "I can't write a good story, just read it." Why though should a writer pick up your story if you can't write a good story? Nine times out of ten your writing is going to... all right, I am just rambling at this point for some strange reason, so let's start over and forget right now that I mentioned the titles. It has nothing to do with the story... I mean essay... at least at this point. Hopefully I will get to it or I'll just ramble on some more.

Why would anyone want to read a story that the writer tells them that they stink at writing summaries? No, seriously. If you can't write a decent story then your story isn't going to be decent either. Why? Because nine times out of ten the reason a person can't write a good story in the first place is because they have a poorly thought out story in the first place. Not always though, no... not always. There are a few other reasons why someone may not be able to come up with a good summary.

One of which comes from the fact that you don't have a decent plot in the first place. Some people may think, but didn't you already say that. No, I said that the writer didn't have a decent story in the first place and was referring to the writing over all. Now I am referring to the plot specifically, plots that are so dull you can't come up with something more then a simple summary and then get upset because you can't come up with one exciting enough to draw people in. Except... do you really think your story is going to be exciting if you can't come up with a plot that catches people's attention.

No... I didn't think so. There is at least one exception to this rule mind you as there are always exceptions to writing rules. Sometimes the plot is so complex, so intricate that you can't summarize things without giving some of the plot line away, stuff you want to be secret. Then go with a simple plot that doesn't cover said details and you'll be fine. But what else can come into play here. Good grief... I'm rambling again.

Ahh! Yes, summaries that ramble about nothing. Hmm... like the ones that take and place excerpts from the actual story in as the summary. Good grief... most of those stories are as boring and redundant and go no place like the summary that the writer is trying to use to draw people in. Don't get me wrong here, sometimes it isn't a bad idea to use a line or two to draw people in. But having your whole summary comprised of quotes from the story.

Or worse yet, recent quotes. Some people are thinking, wait... why would someone give quotes that are going on right then and there in the story giving away spoilers. Umm... because there really isn't anything to spoil in the first place? Seriously... change your summary one or two times at most, not constantly. It bespeaks of you the writer being ultra indecisive. Yogurt... I want yogurt now. Sorry, I think I was being indecisive about whether I was going to finish this essay.

Anyways... yeah. Wow there goes a major brain freeze and it isn't because I'm eating yogurt. It is because I can't think of something. (Actually... in case you can't tell I'm actually thinking about this, but bare in mind that I'm pocking fun of summary writing a bit.) You can't think of something to write for your summary. How did you think of something to write about?

Ouch... that one sounds harsh, but again... bare with me. Summary writing is supposed to be easier then coming up with an actual story. The real reason people don't have good summaries is because the stories don't have the needed substance in the first place. So what do you need to do? Go back to the drawing board and refine your story until you can write what you consider to be a good summary.

Simple as that? Yup. Well, not really if someone struggles with coming up with a plot, but that is part of the learning process. Until you can learn to work out good plot settle for a rather bland summary. So really it is simple.