Excuses, Excuses

Have you ever had a reader who made assumptions about you or your writing that wasn't incorrect? I have. These readers can be very irritating whether they be someone reading your critique or in other cases people reading your stories. One of the reasons they make an assumption is because they take things out of context, while another reason happens to be that they're looking for an insult, any insult to throw at you.

I think the worst would be the ten to twelve year old child who refused to quit cursing me out for the critique I left them as well as telling them they shouldn't even have an account. This resulted in them saying I was a homosexual who must live at home with my parents because no adult would be writing on FanFiction otherwise as it was a site for kids. Yup... but it gets words. They went on to say that if they had any kids who were homosexual that they would wish them dead. So I laid into them. I told them I was heterosexual, the site was originally created just for adults and not kids and that wishing someone dead like that was sick. Well, I didn't put the last part into those words, but I told them I hoped that they would show their parents their PM exchange with me and lose their accounts. Mean, but the kid also claimed their parents knew what they were doing in the first place.

Another time I came across a kid who thought it was all right to romanticize the relationship between a teacher and a student as being acceptable to society. They also felt that it was all right to erase the negative connotations that are involve with such romances because it's just a story. Fact is that makes it a complete sham, the story that is and it belittles those who've been through the situation. Actually, slash gets this too... particularly the slash involving two guys. It turns into wish fulfillment fantasies for these hormonal teenagers. Well, they told me that they had different ideas then their parents and thus could very well write stuff they knew their parents couldn't agree with. I bet though if their parents ever found out they would have had their hides tanned.

One time I wrote a story that was parodying a Mary Sue issue in one of the fandoms I wrote for. I said that in my author's note, but the one reviewer read it and jumped to conclusions that I was a Mary Sue writer. They skim read everything and threw out conclusions that were made based on the assumption that I was a Mary Sue writer. I was able to pretty much counter every single one of their critiques they had lobbed at me. Well, all except one which I struggled to make heads of until they admitted it was from an article they read and they couldn't explain why they said it other then to say the article said not to do it, and it was one of those rules you can break once you know what you're doing. She then finally admitted that she enjoyed attacking other young writer's simply because her intelligence level was higher.

I still remember when someone tried attacking one of my stories because I made the claim that being a ginger in Japan was worse then being a ginger in Britain. They made the claim that I said that gingers in Britian didn't have any problems or that they were minimal. In reality I was simply making a comparison between the two. It could be equated to saying, "if you think it's bad in Britian, it's ten times worse in Japan". Some people are honestly overly sensitive to certain things and are way to willing to take a persons words out of context and take insult.

I also got a review chewing me out for belittling young writers only in the long run be one of the writer's I was talking about in the essay. Rather recently I had a young teen try and correct me about the references I made to Ireland only for me to correct their facts. It got to the point I asked them to stop correcting me as I'm an adult and I've studied Irish history. They then accused me of having a UK heritage and insulting them and their Irish heritage. Problem with this is I too have an Irish heritage and the reason I don't like going into much detail about how Irish isn't a country is because I don't want to go into a biased rant.

Anyways, looking through this you may notice that a lot of these are young people except for the one that attacked me about ginger hair. High chance is that person was a young person as well, but they could have also been an adult. From my experience it tends to be the younger members who jump to various conclusions and spout off nonsense, but there are adults as well. I can't think of one off the top of me head.