Celina found herself sighing as she brushed her hair for bed, listening to the characteristic creaks and groans of her childhood home. She stood in the small bathroom across from her bedroom, dressed only in a thin white tank top that let the slight draft of her home tease at the soft fabric that was pulled taught over her breasts. Her nipples made pert tents in the fabric covering them, the shirt only continuing half way down her slip waist. From there flowed a few inches of smooth, creamy skin before her center was covered with a pair of tight pink panties, lace decorating around the top of her thighs.

She smiled at her reflection when she finally arranged her red hair to lay straight around her face, the ends reaching between her shoulder blades. She set down the brush, her blue eyes catching a glitter from the bathroom lights just before she flipped them off.

She crept her way through the dark hall, back across to her own room, the lights off there as well. She navigated her way into the bed by memory, falling onto the cool sheets with a contented smile. She enjoyed spending time at home on her breaks from school. She shrugged away her thoughts of homework and boys at school, rolling onto her side and pulled the blankets up warmly around her. She purred at the warmth, finding herself quickly asleep.

Celina sat up with a start, eyes wide open, not quite sure what had woken her. She looked around the room, her eyes unable to pick up an disturbance in the familiar shadows. After a few moments of looking around, she shrugged and chalked the sudden wake up to an unremembered dream. She curled back up on her side, eyes just starting to drift closed once again.

There was a loud skittering from under the bed. She sat up with a start, blinking hard at the sound. She leaned towards the edge of the bed, her thoughts in a jumble.

The skitter turned into a scrape of nails against the hardwood floor. She sat back quickly, shaking a bit in surprise and fear. Her mind instantly jumped to memories a decade old, nights she spent too terrified of the monster under the bed to get her parents for help. She shook herself out of her cowering, leaning forward with a soft mumble.

"You're too old to be scared of monsters," she shook her head, her foot inches from the floor when a clawed hand the size of her face reached its way out from under the bed, reaching up. Instead of grabbing her ankle as she snapped it back in surprise, it lifted into the air and waved to her.

Her eyes went wide, staring at the spot in the air so intently she missed the second hand pulling from under the bed, followed shortly after by the back of the creatures head. Its bright blond hair hanging from its scalp to the floor finally pulled her attention. She shrank back in terror, her scream caught in her throat. After another moment, the monster had fully emerged into the room.

He stood well above six feet in height, almond shaped eyes accentuating the sharp angles of his face. The beast bore a hungry smirk, leaning forward towards the bed, blond hair falling around his strangely beautiful face. Ears nearly a foot in length stood at an angle from his head, jutting backwards from his skull. The monster took a step forward, bones clear under his dark skin. It held an almost purple hue; spikes of varying length stuck up between his shoulder blades and continued down his spine, their tips tinted an inky black. The base of his spine flowed into a slim, whip-like tail, the same color as his flesh.

He took another step forward, leaning his great hands on the edge of the bed, balancing his form on it in an almost catlike way. The hungry look on his elf-like face was impossible to mistake. His tongue was as pointed at his teeth as it slithered between them. A hand closed around Celina's ankle as she flinched towards the wall. She found herself shaking as the beast pulled her forward, screwing her eyes shut. She wasn't ready to look into the sharp teeth preparing to tear into her flesh.

Quite suddenly she found herself flat on her back, ass resting at the edge of the bed, legs straight up in the air. She blinked furiously in confusion, lifting her head as she felt her ankles resting on the creatures warm shoulders. She stared up at the sweet smile on his face, her legs still quivering from the terror before. She lay still, trying to understand what the beast could be trying to do. Slowly, almost without her noticing, the monster slipped her panties up over her smooth thighs, pulling them away from one of her legs. He tugged them gently apart to expose her damp center.

She blushed as she felt the creatures nails scraping softly down her skin, lifting her ass into the air, staring at the moisture beginning to build around her lips with a curious look as he held them in front of his face. She lifted herself onto one elbow as she felt the monsters breath against her core, the wetness between her legs beginning to build as she tried to look up at his face.

She shook her head suddenly, her mind clicking the pieces together as it began to slide its long, dark colored tongue over her slightly spread lips. She body shivered in response, the creature pausing to spread her legs wider apart. She shuddered, her head turning away as its long nails pulled her cunt lips slowly away from each other, tongue flicking over the string of moisture that stretched between them.

She gave a short gasp, trying to pull her legs out of the monsters grip. Her resistance dissolved as its tongue curled around her slowly budding clit, the long muscle pushing its way into her tight opening. Her legs gave a great shiver, her hips rolling upwards towards the intrusion. It slowly worked deeper inside of her, drawing her sweet juices out with slow, tender strokes. He cupped her ass, nails slowly digging into her skin, sliding along her back, letting her legs rest lazily on his thin shoulders, tongue never pausing as it undulated deeper inside of her sweet tunnel.

Its claws slowly pushed her shirt upwards, leaning her hips higher into the air as he kept up his affectionate lapping, the point of his flexible tongue rotating around the cap of her cervix. She moaned, his lean fingers wrapping around her breasts as they bounced free of the shirt, every ounce of resistance gone from her, letting the beast from under her bed continue to tease and pleasure her body.

As the strong muscles inside of her pussy began to contract around his tongue, the monster drew it out of her with a great sucking noise. She let out a loud whimper, her voice nothing but lust and frustration, the world shattering orgasm that had been building in the pit of her stomach was suddenly torn away. She stared up at the beast as it smiled, her juices still covering its chin. Slowly, he licked his lips and laid himself along her body, squeezing and bouncing her breasts in his clawed hands.

He ran his hot, slick tongue over one of her nipples, it budding up hard at the tickle of it caressing her skin lightly. Celina found herself panting, her body pushing upwards towards his touch desperately, the scrape of his nails over her skin lighting up every nerve. Her lust rose higher as his lips pursed around one of her nipples, suckling tenderly along it, the head of his long member brushing along her thigh.

He continued to massage and lick along her chest for another moment before he tilted her face up and caught her in another long kiss, thrusting himself slowly inside of her. He rolled his hips tenderly until he was buried to the hilt inside of her. Celina moaned, gripping onto the bed as he held her hip with one hand, the other remaining cupped around her face. She looked up at the strange, beautiful creature above her, the two of them sharing another long kiss.

Celina felt the pit of her stomach start to fill with heat as the rolled herself with the creatures movements, his teeth on her neck now as his arms slid gently around the girls shoulders. As it held onto her, he began sliding deeper inside her, the great clawed hands supporting gently underneath her, resting at the small of her back. She arched under him, her heels resting against the creatures hips. Soft moans fell out of her lips with every thrust of the beast inside of her, feeling like she would burst from the sheer feeling of fullness at the pit of her stomach.

There was a slow buildup of heat inside of her, leaning her head back against the bed, her body moving with every fluid movement from the creature above her. She turned her face away, gripping the bed as her face flushed. Her mouth falling open as her voice rose slowly in volume until she was shouting without realizing, a bursting in her stomach made stars dance before her eyes as she came around him. The insides of her clamped down, massaging around the creatures still thrusting cock, not letting up as the girl beneath him milked the cock buried inside of her.

Her hips shook as they gripped hard around the monsters slip waist, the two of them clinging close to each other. The alien weight and smoothness of him bearing down against her, his mouth biting down on her neck as he throbbed deeper inside of her. She reached up, gripping the short reaches of the creatures hair, the spikes on its back shooting up more straight as he slid deeper, the head of its cock just tenderly beginning to press the mouth of her cervix.

And before she knew it, she'd been filled. Hot cum dripped down along her thighs as he slowly slithered out from between them, pointed tongue licking along its lips, sliding slowly back out of sight. Though, as the creature slipped beneath the bed, one of its hands still held gently onto her own, great claws a gentle pressure against her skin, free from any pain. Her eyes simply fluttered back shut, holding onto his hand in return, falling into dreams just as sweet.