The furious pounding of rain against the Earth brought me out of my inner dialogue; I hadn't realized that the hordes of people had moved away from where I had possibly been standing for the past five minutes without me knowing it. I could've sworn they called for the day to be sunny…

I turned my attention back to the large crowd of people dressed in all black- I believe there was nearly a thousand people here today. Well, technically, I had not been invited… so, technically, they were around nine-hundred ninety-nine people there.

I frowned at my inner musings. Was this really the time? I thought to myself as I watched the casket be lowered into the dirt- six feet under.

Tears burned in my eyes like flames, but I refused to let them fall- he would have frowned upon it if I did. I had to be strong; maybe not just for him, but for my mother, too. It had been both of their dyeing wishes, after all.

"To think," I muttered, smirking lightly, "you fought off Gods and Kings, defeating them… but your death was brought upon you by a simple heart attack." I turned to take my leave back into the funeral hall, looking toward my only two cousins once more before opening the glass door and walking inside; the warm, brisk air hit me like a tropical storm in the summer of a remote island I lived on before it became inhabited by a certain someone named Christopher Columbus. I sighed and breathed in the soothing scents of vanilla and pie- apple-cinnamon, specifically.

Damn, I could use a drink.

With that thought and determination in hand, I made my way over to the bar for an intoxicating refreshment- or possibly more- that I will probably regret in the morning with a splitting hangover if I over did it, as I usually always did. I was never one for the colorful martinis those petite, prissy women went for- I went for the hard liquor. My over-time in Russia a while back ago made me grow attached to the burning flavor of vodka. I also liked just alcohol, or otherwise known as 'moonshine', as the Southerners of America referred it to.

I sat down on one of the barstools, and waited for the bartender to notice my arrival as the soft melody of a very familiar piano piece floated gently into my ears. "Mozart," I mutter, smiling, "such a funny bloke, he was," I was caught by surprise when a shot glass was sat in front of me. I was certain I hadn't told him what I wanted…

"I agree," I hear the bartender say, only now realizing that he was standing in front of me, "Mozart was definitely a jokester. He took quite a liking to you, as well, besides knowing that you and I were having an… affiliation, at the time." His voice was like sultry-velvet wrapped in satin caressing her skin with each word as it rolled off his tongue.

A faint smile ghosts on my lips as my eyes meet with my ex-lover's. "It's been a long time… Serioss." my tongue darts across my lips momentarily, humming slightly, "How have you been…?"

He lets his seductive smile form faintly on his lips, his dark eyes shining with a hidden emotion, "I've been doing quite well… Sarah. I hope time has been treating you well, also…?"

I give him a brusque nod, copying his smile, "It has- thank you." I looked up from under my black, mascara eyelashes with soft layer of the same hidden emotion in my eyes, "How long has it been, Serioss? Fifty, maybe more, years…?"

The sides of Serioss's twitched up more, his eyes no longer looking at me as he concentrated on wiping down the wet, clean, and clear shot glass with a small, white handkerchief. "I guess as much," he replies, grinning with a slight chuckle coming from his throat, "December 31, 1909, I believe it was. We attended Levi Tanner's ultimate Christmas/New Year's Party, as he self-proclaimed it, which would be his last; I brought the vodka, unknowing that you were going to be there," his smirk widens, "You had a little too much by the point we ran into each other, and so had I, but not nearly as much as you. So," Serioss let it roll off his tongue for a few seconds longer than necessary, "we had a little…fun."

I sucked in a shaky breath via my nose as I bit my lip nervously, glancing around the area slowly as I shifted uncomfortably in the soft, cushion, red barstool before looking back towards him and regaining my calm and collected persona. "Quite," I breathed, "It was the most fun night… I had in the longest time."

He chuckled and sat the shot glass down, "We had many fun nights together, Sarah," he paused a moment, "June 18, 1756, the midst of the Seven Years' War, Paris, France at one of Algernon Basque's summer parties. We snuck off together in one of his grander rooms and had our 'wicked way' with each other," Serioss chuckled again, musing in his own thoughts, "And then there was 1904, five years before our last encounter, March 16th, Ireland; I left O'Malley's pub around 4'o'clock in the morning and headed for my shabby hotel room… and when I got there," he hummed as he watched my face intently and studied it once more, "you were there- waiting for me. Completely willing and desperate to do whatever I wanted to do with you. And, of course, I would never pass down an offer such as that, especially from you."

I knew full well he wasn't even naming half of the other times we had… eh… fun, as he called it, but I was not going to point that out. We were as old as time its self, after all- we had more fun than we really should have in our time of being alive and together. I glanced over my shoulder and caught a glimpse of my youthful cousins, Robert and Nikki- Robert was around thirteen while his younger sister was only five or six. I'd met them once before, but there was no way they remembered it or me now.

Serioss's must have noticed that I was staring at them, because he asked, "Are they mortal, like their mother?"

I bit my lip and turned to face the light haired man once more, "Um… yes and no."

This caught his attention. He frowned and looked at me disapprovingly, "Dammit, Sarah! I've told you time and time again that it is forbidden to turn someone immortal when they are clearly mortal. It messes up Fate,"

I sigh and rest my head upon my slender, pale hand, staring at him intently, watching as his dark eyes sparked with anger. "I did not do such a thing… I merely… prevented the inevitable." I say calmly, "They will die, later on… when I see it fit. But for the time being, they will live and stay in their current form- like us, Serioss."

He sighs and physically relaxes, as do I. "Alright, fine- but it still does not mean I agree with it,"

I grin at him, "You're too soft for your own good, Serioss."

"You're right," he agreed, chuckling. Serioss's face suddenly turned serious, "But I must stress the fact that they were born mortal. Fate meant and predicted their deaths, but you changed that- and not only did you keep one person from dying, you kept two from death. You know what this means correct?" I nod slowly, gulping, "Death, Sarah. Not for one, but for two. Not only will they die, but you and another, as well," he sighs and rubs his temples, "I've committed too much mutiny in my life for it not to be me."

"I know," I say shortly, adding quickly when he opened his mouth to speak again, "But it's only temporary. They will die… later on. Fate has several events it has to go through before my Uncle's children's lives are over,"

Serioss sighs and decides to give up, from what I could tell by his body language.

I decide to change the subject, "I'm truly glad you could make it," I take a long sip of the strong intoxication before adding sarcastically, "Uncle would have missed seeing you,"

Serioss chuckles as he continues wiping down the shot glass like a cliché bartender in a movie, or something like it. "I highly doubt that. I'd be the one being buried six feet under,"

I laugh quietly at this, knowing it was true. "Those were the days…" I whisper softly and raise my to a toast, to which he returns, on his is a glass of red wine.

"And those days I shall never forget," I see a faint, snarky smile behind the rim of the clear glass and the bitter, red wine.

We're too much alike, I try to convince myself. It did not work the first time, and it certainly won't the next.

Even with those thoughts, I found myself sub-consciously leaning over the cold, grey, and marble counter and invading as much personal space I could without touching him; before he could really comprehend what I was doing, I leaned in further and pushed our lips together. I could taste the wine mixing with the whiskey in my own. I opened my mouth to him when I felt his tongue run along my lips, letting his hot muscle in my slowly, hoping he could draw the moment out longer.

I pulled back suddenly, my cheeks tinted red, but from embarrassment; I was born in a time where public affection (and sex), lewd clothing, crude language, and public intoxication were all accepted, unlike this world now, where it was all seen to be repulsive. Incest between family members was also accepted.

"I guess you dissevered that goodbye kiss," I whisper sultrily against his lips before sighing as I pulled back and walked away without another word to anyone. I thought, for the rest of the night, on the many different ways the night could have gone and their repercussions…