Chapter One

Broken and mingled.






"Abrogation," they had declared. "Let them die however, but let them rot away on the mortal's land. No one's crimes are ever acquitted,"

It was any God or Goddess's worst nightmare- to be down casted to the mortal world, branded as one a them- a filthy mortal, though, we never truly died, which only made the punishment of banishment all the more worse. They –we- were flaw in the world that could not be fixed… could not be exterminated.

I thought we could keep it a secret… I could have prevented all of this, even, if I had not been so careless and blinded. I will not shove the burden of blame onto your shoulders, my love- we are both to blame, after all.

It felt like an entire thousand years before the black haze of agony had turned into bright, piercing light that made me wish for the agony of black again. I felt the feeling of brisk, cold water suddenly hit my like a winter's storm- or the floods in the summer of Egypt. The feeling of my limp limbs being tugged furiously- desperately-, the suddenly my body was bared upon to what I guessed to be the hot, noontime sand that burnt my back like the fires of the Hebrew's Hell.

Forced, swift air was quickly pushed into my inactive lungs; my eyes snapped open abruptly as I as revived from death, coughing up water violently.

"Thank Amun," I hear someone whisper desperately, sorrowfully relieved, "thank you."

"U… Uncle…" I speak hoarsely through my fit of coughing. Being resurrected is like being born again- you're wet, bloody, coughing, crying, and gasping for breath… for life.

"I-I'm here…! Do not worry, everything is alright… Sarah," I feel him left me off the hot sand and into his strong, yet weak, arms.

I tried my best to return his embrace, to reassure him, but I was so drained of energy. I could not even restore it!

"I will get us through this, I promise,"

I close my eyes and whisper, "I know, James…I know,"

Then, everything went black again.