Alright so this is the next story I am working on. The basic plot of the story is that in 1922 an alien probe crashes in Alaska. In the probe is an AI that goes by Paul Revere it warns mankind that an invasion is coming by a militaristic alien species know simply as "The Empire" will arrive on Earth in about 17 years. Paul helps mankind prepare itself for the upcoming war by boosting their technological progress and weapons development so they can better prepare for the upcoming invasion. The humans must put aside their differences and their prejudices to stand together if they want to have any chance of surviving the invasion but will they be able to our is ignorance to much for people to get past?


1) 1st Lieutenant Mark "Tex" Hill USAAF 182nd Fighter Squadron F-80 pilot (Texan Front)

2) Corporal Sean Devlin United States Army 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment (Canadian Front)

3) Staff Sergeant Leshawna Evans United States Army 97th Armored Division M7A1 Wolverine Tank Commander (Texan Front)

4) Admiral Raymond A. Spruance United States Navy commander of the 7th Fleet (Pacific)

5) 2nd Lieutenant John McKnight USMC 1st Marine Division American Volunteer Army (South China Front)

6) Major James Holt USAAF 32nd Bomber Group B-32 Patriot bomber pilot (Canadian Front)

7) Lieutenant Jimmy Thatch 12th Fighter Squadron F6F pilot (Pacific)

8) Master Sergeant Douglas Brown U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division AHC-22 pilot (Texas Front)

9) Private Jacob York Oklahoma State Guard 43rd Infantry Division (Texas Front)

10) Captain Mark Hamilton USAAF 7th Fighter-Bomber Squadron P-47 pilot (Canadian Front)


1) Private Kurt Muller 11th Infantry Division German Army (Polish Front)

2) Sergeant Dietrich Becker 44th Panzer Division German Army Panther 2 tank commander (Polish Front)

3) Lieutenant Erich Hartmann 77th Interceptor Squadron German Air Force Me-262 pilot (Czech Front)

4) Sergeant Martin Bauer 1st Parachute Regiment Fallschirmjager (West German Frontier)

5) Captain Otto Kretschmer U-boat commander for the German Navy (Atlantic)

6) General Irwin Rommel Afrika Korp (North Africa)

7) Captain Erwin Kong 11th infantry Division sniper unit (Polish Front)

8) Captain Joseph Schultz Afrika Korp Tiger 3 tank Commander (North Africa)


1) Corporal Grigori Weaver 1st Guards Army (Southern Front)

2) Colonel Dmitri Platokov 2nd Guards Army tank commander IS-3 (Central Front)

3) Sergeant Alexander Potrosky 22nd Tank Divison Red Army tank commander T-34-85 (Northern Front)

4) Junior Lieutenant Lydia V. Litvyak 586th Fighter Regiment Red Air Force Mig-15 Pilot (Southern Front)

5) Private Vasili Koslov 1st Shock Army Red Army (Central Front)

6) Nelson Stepanyan 3rd Sturmovik Squadron Il-2X pilot Red Air Force (Northern Front)

7) General Georgy Zhukov commander of the Southern Army (Southern Front)

8) Captain Lyudmila Pavlicenko Red Army 1st Sniper Unit (Northern Front)

English Commonwealth

1) Captain John Smith 22nd SAS Regiment British Army (Europe)

2) Major William Bishop Royal Canadian Air Force 11th Fighter Squadron Super Spitfire pilot (Ontario Front)

3) Private Mark Wallace 88th Infantry Regiment British Expeditionary Force (France)

4) Sergeant David Welsh 2nd Armored Division Centurion commander (North Africa)

5) Corporal Nick Hughes Australian Army 12th Helicopter Assault Regiment (Singapore)

6) Captain Mark Chapman RAF 19th Interceptor squadron (England)

7) Wing Commander Guy Gibson 617th Bomber Squadron (Europe)

8) Sir Arthur Harris Commander of RAF bomber Command (Europe)

Japanese Empire

1) Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto Commander of the Imperial Combined Fleet (Pacific)

2) Lieutenant Saburo Sakai IJN A6M2 Zero Pilot (Pacific)

3) Section Leader Keiko Imperial Guard Yuki-onna Division (Pacific)

4) Captain Nakamura Shinji CO of a Takao class heavy cruiser (Pacific)

The Visitor

1) "Paul Revere" Advance Extra Terrestrial AI

The Empire

1) Star Marshal Daxsis Matralix supreme leader of invasion force

Alright so I just want to say I got the idea for this story from both Resistance and from Harry Turtledove's Worldwar series. That being said they are quite different from either of those series so i dont think i am plagerizing or anything. anyway so as some of you may or may not know i am writing two other stories now one of them on here the other on so again this will take a while to write but please do let me know if you are interested in this story by PM or following/favoriting that will help me gauge people's interest in this story. If enough people say they want to see it ASAP then i will write it quicker. But i must warn you that i want to make this story is acurate to the 1940s as possible so i will need to do some more research on how people talked and acted during that time to make things more authentic. oh btw fun fact "Yuki-onna" literally translates to "Snow Women" in Japanese so yeah Keiko is part of an all female unit of the Imperial Guard stationed in Hokkaido Japan which is very snowy apparently. and dont worry i will explain why she has no last name in the story anyway please do R/R