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Sumary: Lyra Cross has been informed that she can never have children Ever. So Her parents send her to a school for people like her and there she learns the truth behind her condition and an attack on her when she was younger Now she will learn how to control her new found abilities and deal with boys trying to romance her and deal with a begining of extreme change Watch her cope and fight back against the norms. (I know, sounds cliche, but what can i say, there are only a few true originaly storylines out there, and so every story written since their beginning is nothing but a cliche. I promise to make it more interesting than the cliche sounds.)


Though the pain was long gone now, I was tormented. Now I would have to attack an innocent child. If I waited long enough, the animal instincts would do the job for me, my mind would be gone, but the child would end up worse off. That was entirely out of the question.

No, I would have to harm an innocent child. At least they would survive when I attacked; at least I would know they would carry on my legacy. At least I could be a father, even if it's in the slightest way.

I shook away the thoughts from my mind and felt a grumble in my stomach. I should go hunt. Go eat. While mentally I have no appetite, for obvious reasons of having to do something completely against my morals, the now dominant tiger part of me was ravished. The animalistic actions kicked in, the scent of an injured Okapi filled my nostrils and I stalked off into the dark underbrush, the sunlight fading away behind the impossibly tall canopy above me.

I awoke to the sound of a child laughing. My ears twitched and the child laughed again. My keen hearing helped to identify the laugh as that of a young girl no older than four years old. Sensors went off in my brain, sensors that told me this was the child I was meant to attack and pass on my shifting to. I was to make her live in fear for years after her attack, cause her constant confusion and questioning as she learned what she was becoming. And worst of all, I was to take away this young girl's ability to ever have her own children. I could hope that maybe she was born like that, but I would never know, and she would learn in only a few years. And for what? Just so I could pass on peacefully? Just so that I could die? I felt as if I should go to hell.

Though I followed the laughing, I kept thinking, maybe I can fight it. Maybe I don't have to hurt her. Maybe there is someone else. I finally came to the edge of a clearing. The lake that I drank from was currently filled with laughing children. These parents were being careless. Alligators swam in this lake, alligators that would gladly eat these small children. The laugh sounded out again. It came from a girl, definitely no older than four, who was clearly not native. Her skin was only beginning to tan, but compared to that of the native children, she was pale. Unfortunately other than that, I couldn't distinguish any more features, seeing as I was color blind in my tiger form.

The girl spoke up, and though I could not understand the language, I could guess she was bored and wanted to change the game. I watched as a young native boy walked up to the tree. It sounded like he was counting and the other children ran off into the forest as if nothing could kill them.

My body leapt into action as I stalked the young girl. She ran and laughed and tripped a couple of times. She finally found a bush that she deemed worthy of hiding near and ran behind it. I couldn't help it; I crept closer to her, right in front of her hiding spot. My eyes met hers, and I was surprised when her eyes didn't grow wide with fear. In fact, she didn't like fearing either. Steadily she calmly stood up, and started backing away from me. At least her parents had taught her well enough not to be afraid or run.

"Nice tiger," her soft voice called. "I'm too small to eat, I wouldn't make a good meal."

And while she was right, I let out a loud roar, or rather the tiger did. At that point she picked up her pace, but remained facing me. The tiger in me wanted to stalk her, hunt her, and tear her apart. And while my rational human mind had remained strong, unless I got her soon I would lose control. I stalked forward, slowly, in an attempt to show she meant no harm. Unfortunately the fear finally kicked in, she turned around and took off through the forest.

At that point, I let the tiger take over just enough to chase her. It was obvious she had no clue where she was going, but I did. And if I didn't stop her soon enough, she would end up in water infested by Piranhas and too deep for her to swim. That was not something I could let happen. We ran through the bush, leaves sending twinges through my whiskers. Finally the water came into view, so I crouched down and pounced as she tripped and fell in the water.

I made a splash and went under. When I resurfaced she was struggling to stay afloat, flailing her arms about. I swam over to her and swam under so she could ride on my back. At first she resisted, but I growled menacingly and she gripped on for her life. I swam to the riverbank and climbed out. She rolled off my back, exhausted from running and staying above the water. I sulked over to her. I was ready to die, I wanted to die, and I had just saved her life, so she owed me. I extended my claws and slashed her left arm, just above the hand.

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