A Girl I Know

Hurtful spears are thrown behind your back,

Though they always seem to miss you,

Intelligence is your double edged sword,

Proudly swinging it,

Oblivious to the pain it can cause,

Helping others in their studies is an upper hand,

Jealousy is close behind,

Trailing you close,

White sheep blend in to the herd monotonously,

But being a purple sheep doesn't quite fit in to their puzzle,

So your pinching chain link armor is your difference,

Causing controversy it glistens gallantly in the sunshine,

Although it continuously attracts strange glances,

Proudly you wear it to war,

Heavy and laden with the gold and jewels of success,

The shield you carry is your talent,

Some say it is not practical,

Still you charge on to the battlefield,

Fed well and treated kindly your army is your friends,

Not rough and tough but strong we are,

Just because you don't call us names,

Just because you don't treat us like your pets,

Your army will defend you in battle,

So Girl I Know,

Just because your not a Plain Jane,

You are still a great person...