I love you

Do I believe that statement?

I hope so…

You make it hard

To trust

To love

To forgive

Why don't you try?

Not just say, "I love you"

Not say your coming over

Not just say, "We'll talk"

Did you ever mean it?

Did you know that mom and I made a bet?

That time you would call to say you're not coming over

But you never called…

But you never came…

Do your friends know?

Did you say you were single?

Did you forget the side of family that you created when they are near?

Why do you ignore it?

The pain you caused us

The heartache you put us through

Why do you make empty promises?

Why do you build me up,

Just to tear me down?

Did you know?

I can't trust

I don't know

What is the love of a father?

Are these older men coming on to me?

Or, is it fatherly protection?

Did you know?

In dances, it's depressing

The father-daughter dance; specifically

I'm in the bathroom stall,

Crying my heart out

How do you think I feel?

That I'm waiting for you?

That I still trust you?

How do you think I feel?

When my father is gone

Was it my fault?

What if I was a better daughter?

It's not my fault

It's your fault

Why did you have to fall?

Why couldn't you be stronger?

Why couldn't you just say no?

Why didn't you think of us?

I believe you are a stupid idiot.

To go with the crowd

To bend under peer pressure

Whatever your reason was…

You are stupid

You are cruel

You hurt me

Now, I can't

I can't love you

I can't trust you

I can't believe you

Not until you stop

Here my plea


For those who read this, learn.