A Blind Child's Plea

What is the colour of the wind, Daddy?
Said the child so small
What is the colour of the wind?
For i can't see it at all

It is the colour of freedom, my child
Said the man to his son
It is the colour of all
The specks of light in the rainbow
That is the colour of the wind

What else, Daddy? What else?
Begged the child
Explain to me more
For you can see what i can not
The sun
The sea
The Earth
And more

It is the colour of beauty
Of peace and light
It is the colour of love
And of day and of night

It feels so free
Said the child
With arms outstreached
I never would have guessed
The colour of the wind

It is the colour you want it to be
And it doesn't matter if you can't see
For the wind is your friend
And you alone
Know the colours of the wind.

Lucy Westmacott

A Thought

I usually write
Poems about
Romance and life and death

But today
I thought
i'd write a poem
About everything else

Lucy Westmacott

Before The Bell

Sitting her in the quiet
There is barely anyone around
Maybe a teacher
Printing work
Maybe a caretaker doing his rounds

But i am sitting here in the quiet
There is barely anyone about

Then the bell goes.

Lucy Westmacott

Day Dreaming

I am currently say in this room
What you are doing right now?

Are you sat at a desk
Like me?
Listening as the day wears on
And knowledge is thrown our way?

Or maybe you are wandering
the streets of town
Like me
That you'll be by my side
To help me through the day.

Lucy Westmacott


They're dead
All of 'um

They went in there
And i heard 'um

Then it stopped
Thats how i knew
They're dead.

Lucy Westmacott

Death and Death

It started at the station
Being pushed
And shoved
Separated from Dad
And Joe
But still with Ma

We walked and walked
The shower blocks
At last we can wash
But then

Screams from the back
As they close the door
And then.

Lucy Westmacott


Help me
I am at a point
In time
Where it could go
Either way

Help me
To make the right

It my options tomorrow
Help me

Lucy Westmacott

Ecoutez cette

Ecoutez cette

Je suis toujours ici
Peu importe ce que
Quand il fait sombre
Quand il fait froid
Lorsque vous vous sentez peur
Je suis ici

Lucy Westmacott

Flying Solo

I am flying solo
The wind under my wings
Guiding me upwards
Away from the pain
The fear
The suffering

I am flying solo
until I come to you

I swoop down
In hope you see me
But you dont
You and your stare go right through me
And you carry on walking

I call your name
Over and over
But in vain
All you hear is silence
And the wind

So i swoop upwards
Towards the light
And away from you

I am flying solo
The wind under my wings
Guiding me upwards
Away from you.

Lucy Westmacott

Four White Walls

Why am i here?
Nobody wants me
So i am here

Nobody wants me
I've been here a while now
And nobody has said hello

Except the men in white coats
Who come an see me everyday
Never speaking
Never looking
Never asking
If i am ok

Why am i here?
Nobody wants me
So i am here

Lucy Westmacott

Future Plans

I would marry someone
and tall
Who wouldn't care
What i wear
And he'd help to do the chores

And when i cry and scream
And shout
He'd hold me until
I't tell him what it was about
Then he'd make sure
i would come out
Standing proud and tall
Looking down at all the people
crying and standing small.

Lucy Westmacott


I remember when they first
Brought you home
A tiny bundle of red
And mouth

But now you grow up
Make me feel old
You've got your ears pierced
Acting grown up
Where have all those happy memories

Playing tigers
Exploring the arctic
Befriending Elephants

But now youve grown up
And there is nothing
I can do.

Lucy Westmacott


Can you see me?
Can you hear me?

I am the quiet child in the corner
Covering bruises with plasters
And lies

I am the blind man in the chair
Covering fear with anger
and silence

I am the woman in the kitchen
Covering the truth
with smiles

We are have our heads in a world
Which is perfect
Not bothering to notice

The abused child
The lonely blind man
The bruised wife

We dont care
Because its not our problem

If we ignore it
It will go away
Will it?

Lucy Westmacott

I am Stuck

I am stuck
I don't know whether to go left
Or right

I look up and see sky
I look down and see ground
Right and left is just darkness

i can't see you
But i can hear your heart

So i am going to keep walking
Until i find you

Lucy Westmacott

I Remember

The pain
The fear
The screams
The tears
I remember it all

Past the fire
The work
Even the food
I remember it all

I'm now 86 1/2
Living life to the full
Making sure
It never happens again.

Lucy Westmacott

Invisible Cries

I am in a world
Where nobody cares
What i say or do

I am a shadow
In the corner of the room
Unoticed but still there

I fear i shall fade away
For i have no one to talk to
Because no one cares

When people look
Their stares goes right through me
Like a window or a looking glass

I would be a flower for all they care
Insignificant amongst thousands
Easily trappled, forgotten

There used to be one
That didn't look
Right through but in my eye

But she is gone
Taken, not there
And yet she still breathes

In these walls
In these halls
And sometimes looks at me

I am in a world
Where nobody cares
What i say or do

I am a shadow
In the corner of the room
Unoticed but still there.

Lucy Westmacott

Just Because

Just because i can
I am going to write a poem

It isn't for any particular reason
It isn't filled with pain
Or Sadness

It's just a poem

Lucy Westmacott


Here are some wise
Words i have to tell
To all those parents out there

No matter
The size
Even hormone levels

Love each child
As they come because
They are individual
As they come
And they are also yours.

Lucy Westmacott

Marriage Proposals

I shall give you the sun
The stars
The sea
I shall give you the Earth's jewels
And diamonds
If you shall marry me.

I shall give you a thousand horses
And a thousand merry men
I shall give you a castle
Fit for a Queen and Prince
If you pick me over them.

And i shall give you a hand to hold
Whne it is darkest night
When the shadows come creeping in
I shall hold you tight
And when the tears fall quickly
I shall kiss your sorrows away
And make sure you are smiling
In the dawning of the day.

Lucy Westmacott


Even though
i am 6 years old
I have a very big brain
i know lots of sums like
400X27 (10800)
And 48X13 (624)
I am very clever
For a 6 year old

Lucy Westmacott

Min Venn

Min Venn
So much you mean to me
You lifted me out of the dark
And we walk
Hand in hand
Towards the future and light

And when your time came
I reached out my hands
And pulled you out the darkness
And on we walked
Hand in hand

They laugh at us
Turn up their noses
But we dont care
We turn our backs
Hand in hand
And walk the other way

Through the darkness
And cold
Hand in hand we stood
Ontop of the hill
And overlook the chaos
Wondering how we could right it

Time has past
And with it, each others constant presence
But no matter
Because we decended the hill
Hand in hand
Into the mended chaos
And thought it good and right

Lucy Westmacott

My Sister

Mummy and Daddy say you're different
But i don't see how
'Cos you've got two eyes, a nose
Two ears, Two cheeks
And a smile that would light up a room

Mummy and Daddy say you're special
That you're different
But i don't mind

They say we've got to
Look After you
So i do!

Whe the boys stare
And point
And laugh
I take your hand
And turn our backs
And carry on walking
The other way

Mummy and Daddy say you're
Never going to be like me
They say you're Specially Needed
And i agree
You're my little sister
And part of our family

Lucy Westmacott

Personality Changes

If i wasn't i
Who would i be?
Would i be a sailor
On the windy sea?

Or would i be a butcher
WIth his rolls of fat
Or maybe a vet
Fancy that!

Or how about a fish
Under the sea
Would that be nice?
Could it be me?

Or maybe i could
Just be me
Who will i be?

Wait and see!

Lucy Westmacott

Point of View

Looking at the world
From my point of view
I think what it would look like
To others

Is the sky still that blue?
And the grass still that green?
Is it still peaceful?
Is it still serene?

Is it different
In everyone's eyes
Because that is how it should be

The world isn't the same
For you and me
But what it is for both
Is Fun
Is Free

Lucy Westmacott


Everyday the sun rises,
And the sun sets.
But what happens in between?

What about all the births,
And the deaths,
Hearts broken,
Lost and Found?

What about all the little people
Who walk upon this earth
Each thinking it revolves around them?

No matter what happens,
What is said or done,
Everyday the sun rises,
And the sun sets.

Lucy Westmacott


I saw you today
Washing the floor in Maccies

You haven't changes much
Except the colour of your hair
A few wrinkles here and there
And despite the dye, a few grey hairs

And as i remember all those times at school
You bullied me
Kicked me
Called me names
I walk through the bit you've just mopped
With Muddy shoes on.

Lucy Westmacott

Size Matters

Some times i feel this big
I feel useless
Then i get angry
It makes me feel big
And powerful

Then i calm down
And i am this big again

I can't help it
I want to matter

Lucy Westmacott

The Beginning

I look at you and think,
You have so much more to come,
To see,
To hear,
The world is just the start,
The world of love, and joy and hope
Yet a world where everything around you
Goes up in smoke
Tread carefully now
Because you have so much more to come.

Lucy Westmacott


I is not very tall
For a giant
And my words is all
Squigled up

it is just me and Sophie
Most of the time

it is a nice life for a giant
Especially for me

Lucy Westmacott

The Dodo

I am the last one
The only one left
This is my cry for help

There used to be loads
Of us everywhere

Now there is just me

I am the last one
the only one left
This is my cry for help

Lucy Westmacott

The Holocaust

I want to go home
I want Mum
I want Dad

Maybe they are in here
Where they are all
Leading us now

This doesn't look like
A shower block
I want to go h-

Lucy Westmacott

The Merry-Go Round of Life

The world is forever turning
Never stopping
Never slowing

I want it to stop
I want to get off

But i can't
Because life isnt a ride
You can't choose when to get on
Or off

Life isnt a fairground ride
With a man in a hat
And a pipe
Controlling the turning

And you
In a single seat
No one either side
To smile at
Taking photos

The world is forever turning
Never stopping
never slowing

I want it to stop
I want to get off

Lucy Westmacott

The Stranger

One day i came into school
And there was a stranger
by the door

She sat with us
And played with us
And had lunch

She was very tall
And very strong
But she was very kind

That stranger
And maybe she's not
A Stranger

Lucy Westmacott


My friend tried to tell me something
When i was having a bad day
And some people got me down
I wore it as a frown
And ignored what i wanted to say

I ignored the pleas
The cries
The guilt filled eyes
Until finally i gave in
I turned to him and said
'Dear Kin, what do you want to say? '

He looked me in the eye and said

'Everyone deserves a chance
To change that frown
For we are all handsome
And equally fair
Ignore them, don't have a care.'

Then he sat down on the chair
And behind the wall of hair he hid.

Lucy Westmacott

Un Named

It's horrible
They step inside never to taste
The fresh air again
From now on only pure
Bitterness and pain
And the endless screams
From the place of cleanliness

Never again shall i see
Their kind faces in a life time
Worried and scared all the time
Only death shall reunite us
Once more
Goodbye cruel world.

Lucy Westmacott


Wandering home
One day
I can't help wondering
Where you are

I have looked most places
Except the corners of my mind
Where the dark things go
To scare me

I miss you
But i know as i grow
That you won't be here forever
Because you were never here at all

When i wandered home
With you
You never spoke a word
No wonder

Because you weren't there
You were never there

All those times we played

I was on my own

Wandering home
One day
I can't help wondering
Where you are

Lucy Westmacott

Whilst I Am Here

I have written
And thought up
A lot of poems today
I just thought
I'd let you know
That is why i am smiling

Lucy Westmacott


I do not know what to write
It usually comes to me
The words appear and i just type
That is how it usually is

But today there is nothing
My fingers freeze over the paper
Pen poised
But nothing
And i am left wondering
What to write

Lucy Westmacott

You and I

We were never close
But never far away
You know

You used to tell me
This and that
Never any great details
But enough

I wonder where you are
Are you wondering alone
In the space called memories

I wonder when you are coming back
We were never close
But close enough
To notice
When things go wrong

We were never close
But never far away
You know

Lucy Westmacott

Your Voice

Your voice is like the dainty lark
Sat high in a plum tree
Or maybe the sound of the wind
Rustling through the trees

It is all very nice and well
And it is a beautiful sound
But i am laying down to rest
So keep the noise down!

Lucy Westmacott