She was 21 and beautiful. Blonde, flowing hair, wheat skin, green eyes which looked like emeralds and the perfect features of a goddess and those amazingly striking features could attract anybody in a heartbeat. Yet she felt that there was futility in every possible union she could have ever had and it just seemed wrong in so many ways. Just why was the question, how was the answer.

It never got her anywhere. Least of all to happiness.

The other was 25. Taller, smart and blessed with a strong reasoning ability, she fell far from the stereotypic woman. Long brown hair, honey skin and tinted square glasses which she often more than once thought of as attractive, she felt she was strong enough to move on in her life without a partner. Strangely enough, she had none. Then again, who could blame her? It never was something she wanted anyway.

That was, until now. This very fateful day.

She meets up with the blonde woman in their favourite place, the park which overlooked the lock. It seemed so peaceful close to everyday, especially in spring, the favourite season of them two. It was so peculiar, how two such different women could even stand each other, let alone be friends. With the whole world glorifying love over friendship, this certainly was a hard task, especially with their views of the ever so hypocritical world changing endlessly. The two met at the bench and began to talk their usual philosophical ranting about the planet in general, and all the strange feelings they felt around them.

"Oh Serena, it just seems so strange, doesn't it? Most of them say we should be married now, not single and so carefree. But is this a sin?" the blonde asks her older, more contemplative counterpart.

"Well, my dear Elisa; has it ever been? The world has said so many things for ages have anyone actually believed them with a clear heart?" she spoke calmly, yet solemnly.

"But they say someone like me should do this; it will be the best for me!" Elisa insists softly yet persuasively to Serena who just listens to her ever so talkative young friend. Serena just smiles and gets up, speaking in her usual calm and collected demeanour.

"Intelligence has nothing to do with your colour of the hair. People just desire to make you feel this way so that you feel insecure and look up to them for all guidance. Such is their pitiful ways of making you feel you are lesser than the world, nothing else." Elisa shivers hearing her friend's cynical rants; it was natural for her to be this way, yet the coldness and bitterness of the statement itself made her shiver. Serena then turns to her and smiling, says-

"Don't let this world be your master- it is at your shoulders, not on it. You are a woman of substance, sweetness and character. Do not let such measly opinions shape your entire future; they are just words- ways of communication invented for convenience."

Elisa smiles and blushes, yet she knows for no reason why. Serena's smile and laughter seem to ring in her mind like a tinkling bell at the break of dawn. It just seems so perfect and beautiful, yet she knows not why. The male species was never her primary attraction; she felt a certain sense of indifference to them. As much as they clamoured for her attention and looks, she could not bring herself to love them, so strange was her feelings. She tried to, but it failed miserably. Was she really incapable of loving truly?

Elisa then ruffles around in the bench, making Serena giggle again; something very unlike her usual serious demeanour. Elisa loved the way she'd laugh, it was just so beautiful, clear and true, the food of her soul, the music to her ears. Then her smile disappears and the serious expression takes over her face. Elisa sees it, it is no longer apathetic, but that of wistful. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Serena turns to her and says-

"Come, my dear friend. Let us walk."

They then walk around the beautiful park which is almost second home to them. It just seems so different, yet so amazingly beautiful, as if the world was bowing to their prayers. Mid walk, Elisa asks her disgruntled friend- "Is it right?" Serena grunts in question. "Is it right for two people to fall in love for someone as same as them?" she inquires. Shock spreads across the older woman's face and then sees her friend blush in scarlet embarrassment.

"You know- if two women, were ever to fall for each other; is it a right thing?" she mumbles. The harshness of the question catches her off guard. What was she to say? It almost seems strange. She quickly spouts out "Of course they can! Who said it is not true?"

"It's just, you know- society, some television shows- they always say that this is not real, it isn't real love. Is that really true, or not?" Elisa mumbled flustered. Serena is even more shocked now- was this the real reason Elisa was always this way? She was always shy in front of everyone, but she'd cover her face in flustering every time she even set her eyes on a woman. Could she possibly have feelings for her? She is almost out of breath. How was she to answer this now?

Elisa then cries out "Serena, I'm so sorry! I should have known!" then bursts into sporadic tears. Serena then remembers how she'd often feel around Elisa herself. She'd often have this awkward feeling which she could not explain. It seemed one of euphoria, tears and an awkward belief that they would be much closer than ever, but was this really the answer? Was this her true feeling for her friend?

A flushing feeling spreads across her. She truly realises the meaning of this.

Serena then walks by and brushes off Elisa's tears. Elisa is surprised, for this is the first time she sees her friend actually comforting her with a warm genuine affection. The beats of her heart increase, faster and faster as she feels those fingers spread across her cheeks, almost tickling her in the process. Elisa didn't want to cry anymore, seeing how anguished Serena felt seeing her this way. Yet of course, she wouldn't admit it; it was just part of her nature. She needed a lot of privacy. Yet her eyes spoke out everything- her very soul was spilled in them.

She then moves away and stands next to her, admiring the beautiful caesalpinia trees and the way they'd sway. "Sure looks beautiful, the flowers, right?" Elisa feels shy, but just nods in agreement. Then Serena takes her hand in hers and she feels that same happiness she always wanted from anybody; the first to reciprocate her feelings.

"Let society say what they want, the whole world is at our shoulders, so why worry? We will always have each other, if nobody, that's a promise..."