Beautiful Days

Those beautiful days I still remember

When I was part of your heart

When we would spend every moment so loving and tender

Not a day we were apart


I cried out your beautiful name

As you replied in sheer awe

That raw seductive sweetness of your very soul

Was all I ever saw


I still fluster a harsh amount inside me

As I see you, the wonderful beauty you be

Same old eyes, staring for my soul

And yearning for me to make you whole


Our times may be evanescent

As you'd know very well

But that same love we had ever so nascent

Will be forever, as time will tell


Don't cry, don't shed a single tear

For one day in your life I will be here

We will take this whole world by storm

And together we will make our new home


I shall be yours again

I'll listen to every command

From your voice of the falling rain

I'll fulfil your every demand


Why worry about anything?

The world has nothing to say

I love you; that's a fact

And it shall end this way


The roses have lost its lustre

Now that you are gone

Your very presence makes me fluster

For you and I will be one


I'll still be waiting

For that wonderfully special day

And when your heart speaks of it, I know it will

We will be together forever as you may.