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Once upon a broken family

Have you ever felt. . . . Alone? Like the whole world has suddenly turned against you? I have. Do you know what it's like to have a broken family? I didn't until now. My name is Cloia Rose Russo and this is the story of how my family broke, starting straight from the beginning. When mom had just given birth to my new brother Matt. There's only three of us, me my other brother Drake and Matt, I used to have a sister Haruhi but she disappered many years ago anyway that's a whole different story. How great that day was, we all had a special party welcomming Matt into our family and the world. But everything changed that night after the party, I heard my mom screaming for dad and Drake, I followed her to the garden to find both of them lying there on the ground frozen as statues. Their clothes were also torn and covered in blood, I watched as my mom rushed over to dad searching for a pulse but there wasn't any. At that moment she bursted into tears and now I was pretty close. I rushed over to Drake praying to our ansestors that he is still alive, "mom Drake's alive!" I told her but it didn't cheer her up in the slightest. She just cried more but when she stopped she suddenly got angry at me "how can you be so calm about this?! Your father has just been killed! Do you even care!" Before I could say anything besides 'but' and 'mom' she grabbed my arm and threw me right over the table. I haven't seen her like this since Haruhi was reported dead in the forest I never thought she would take dad's death out on me like it's my fault he was killed. I quickly wiped away my tears since that's a sign of weakness in my mom's eyes especailly now when she's angry, my shoulder is starting to kill me. Mom had stormed off once Matt started crying loudly, there's no way I can let mom go near Matt like this she could easily loose it and hurt him but when I finally got up she was already there. "Cloia watch over your brother I'll get Kaoru" she told me as if today was now a normal morning, "mom-"

"Don't start Cloia! It's bad enough that there's a killer on the loose! And has killed your father!" She snapped as she shoved me out of the doorway and stormed out just like she did before, I picked baby Matt out of his cott as he still wailed it's weird how much he looks like Drake when he was a newborn. Pale white, short shiney black hair and cute small the only thing that was different about them was that Matt had dad's dark brown eyes. Me and Drake both have mom's blue eyes usually brown always wins over blue so how come me and Drake got blue eyes I don't know so don't ask. "Kaoru this is serious! Takashi has escapped from prision! Yes again who else would kill him! Kaoru if we don't do something god know's who he will go after next!" Mom yelled to her brother Kaoru down the phone as if he could do anything about dad he's a school counsellor not a police officer. Competely different things here, "fine I'll do it myself!" she yelled before actually ringing the police "it's my husband Ethan Russo, someone's came over last night and killed him and has injured my son Drake. . . . . alright" there was a long silence after she hung up. Dad was still in the garden, we both took Drake to his room before the fight, I don't know how we are going to explain this to the police my mom has always been afraid of them I guess that's why she always calls Kaoru when something goes wrong. It was two hours till the police arrived at our house, there was only two of them so it wasn't so scarey. They asked mom loads of questions like what happened, who she thinks the killer is stuff like that they told us that her other brother Takashi had escapped from prison and could be the one that had done it. They also wanted to see Drake, check out his injures and it wasn't pretty at all he had huge cut across his waist and down his neck. Me and mom just watched as they nudged and poked Drake, "he's unconious at least he's alive" one of the police muttered just as they turned back to us "where did you say your husband is?"

Gulping mom leaded them to the back garden where we had left dad, after that they had left telling us they will have to keep checking it out for a few months and since then everything had gotten worse. Mom wouldn't stop being angry, Matt kept on crying which just made her more mad even though he couldn't help it since he was just born yesterday. As for Drake, he's depressed and I mean depressed! He wouldn't eat anything and was constantly beating himself up because he had failed to save dad. It was hell when the day of the funerel came there was rain all over Kyoto if not the whole of Japan, we just watched as Drake stabbed the family sword right in front of the grave. "Drake," mom whispered touching his shoulder "it's my fult" he said as he bursted into tears, "son you tried. . . There's nothing you could of done, your just a kid" she told him. Over the next few weeks Drake's depression had gotten worse, he was now competely weak and skinny that you could actually see most of his bones I'm no doctor but that is not healthy. Soon we all had to pack up and go to grandma Rosie's to tell the rest of the family the news, it's not going to be easy that's for sure I can already tell that after the vist we will all be in war with eachother.

"Ah welcome, I haven't seen you all since. . . ." Rosie said trying to remember when it was she had last seen us until Drake suddenly caught her attention "my goodness Drake you look awful!" she exclaimed as he rushed him onto the sofa. Then turned to mom, "what's happened? He looks almost dead" I looked over at mom praying that Rosie wouldn't take it out on us for his death. I'm suprised she hasn't noticed dad wasn't here, "come to think of it where's Ethan gone?" Uncle Toby spoke up looking around for his older brother guess I spoke too soon. "Well. . . . um, that's why we came here. . . you might want to sit down Rosie," mom said calmly bitting her lip nervously fearing of not only Rosie's reaction but everyone else here. Uncle Andy, aunt Lucy, Spencer and uncle Toby, Rosie stared at mom I can tell she was starting to get frightened "I never wanted to tell anyone this but. . . I have another brother. . . Takashi, I didn't tell any of you about him because we hate eachother and he killed our first daughter anyway. . . . he has esacaped from prision." Mom took a deep breath as she tried to hold back her tears, "I don't really know what had happened but when Ethan was outside with Drake the other night. . . . Takashi had came over. . . . And. . . k- killed him." There was a long silence when Rosie had snapped "so why did you let him in your house for?!" "I didn't! I didn't know he was there until the next morning when I found Ethan dead in the garden!" Lillyia barked I tried to calm them down but niether of them would listen. "Mom, mamaw please. . ." I said pulling at mom's arm but she pushed me away I know this is not what dad would of wanted us to be like he would of wanted us to be there for eachother not trying to kill eachother. They never stopped fighting since then, but when it was time to go home Drake had gotten terribly sick, the doctor said if he gets any worse he would have to go to hospital or he'll die. Mom refused leaving Drake behind but she's already bought the plane tickets for tommow, "I'll clear you a deal Drake will stay here with me till he is of age however until then all contact from your kind is strictly forbidden," Rosie said to mom they hadn't noticed I was there listening to them from the staris. I know Drake is going to have to stay here anyway, but how can she ban us from talking to him? I'm his sister and what about Matt? When Drake is allowed to see us Matt won't know him, has she even thought how heartbreaking that will be for Drake? Obiviously not.

"How the hell is that going to help him! Don't you think my son has suffered enough? He's only thirteen and has now been scared for life! He just had his father taken away from him, now your taking us away from him!" Mom yelled banging her fist at the old wooden table. "Fine let him stay with you and die!" Rosie snapped back at her before storming out of the room, her last words stinged my heart I can't stand the thought of Drake dying just after dad. I can tell what she had said hurted mom I can't believe she would say that like she doesn't care about Drake. At that moment I saw Drake walking towards me, he wasn't really walking more like limping he looks worse than before I could hear him wincing and heaving like an old man who wasn't far from his time. "D- Drake," I shuttered stareing at him, "goodbye Cloia," he said then gave me a weak hug before going over to mom "Drake what are you doing? Your in no state to be walking about" she told him as soon she had seen him. "Mom. . . . I have to stay here with grandma," he replied looking up at mom sadly mom didn't say anything she just stared back at him almost in tears. "I know son," mom sighed as she brushed her hand on Drake's snow pale face, "just promise me mom. . . . promise me you'll take care of eachother" and that's when mom broke down in tears and tightly hugged Drake. And that was the last time I have ever seen my brother and my mom together, so four A.M the next morning the three of us had left for the airport it felt really weird going back home without Drake but unfourunetly we don't have any choice. After then it was always depressing and empty at our home, mom kept on going into Drake's room and cried for hours I was going to go in after her but she could start having mood swings like she did when dad died. So I left her and watched over Matt while he watched the pokemon show with all those funny little magic animals I remember when I used to watch it when I was a little kid though now every time I see it Ash is with a different girl. I cooked our supper for the night noodles though Matt does have a habbit of dropping and throwing them everywhere but that's the least of my worries right now. It's only been a day and I feel like Drake has been gone for years, I miss how he would always tease me or jump on me messing up my hair when I said I wish he'll dissapper I didn't mean it like this. Guess it's true what they say, you never know how much you love something till it's competely gone, couple hours later I took Matt off to bed while he was still quiet. Though it doesn't take long before he wakes up screaming, Drake was the same it drived us all mad though thinking back on it was really funny, dad throwing diepers all over the place while mom tried to get his milk bottle into his mouth. Guess mom will come out in a minute, this is the longest she's ever stayed in there part of me still hates Rosie for what she had yelled at mom. Once I got into my room I fell flat to my bed, though it took me ages to get to sleep I couldn't stop thinking about Drake is he going to get better or worse? Will he have to go to hospital? How long will he have to stay there? What if he dies? We'll never get to be there for him since she forbid us from talking to him. . . . Wait what am I talking about? She can't forbid us from seeing or talking to Drake we have as much right than her and it's not even our fault Takashi broke out of prision and killed dad. Anyway would could she do? Get the police? As if they would care they would be busy with other people's problems than ours.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . ..


Ah Matt, can't you take a night off for once? Out of all the nights to act him he chooses this one! Usually it would only go on for five minutes then he would stop but tonight was different he never stopped. Where's mom? Why isn't she singing to Matt calming him down like she always does? I walked out of my room and into her's she wasn't there it was only Matt wailing louder and louder. Ancestors help me, I picked Matt up from his coat trying to rock him back and fourth in my arms but he kept kicking me "hey quit it!" I snap at him only making him wail louder and kick harder. "Your such a pain you know that?" he didn't listen and coninued screaming and wailing, how on earth does mom do this? I've seen her do it loads of times before either that or he is just being difficult cos I'm not mom. "If I get mom will you please shut up?" I asked him and just then he shutted up and stopped kicking me, yep he was just being difficult. ¬_¬

I put him down into his little cot before running all over the house calling for mom but she didn't say anything, I even went out to both of our gardens front and back she wasn't there and that's when I've started to freak out. Takashi has gone out of prison and the police still haven't catched him though their pretty hopeless, but then again if Takashi was here I'm pretty sure I would of heard mom swearing, yelling and break a few things but all I heard was Matt's wailing. What if she was in the garden while we were both asleep? I looked all over the garden for any sign of Takashi before running into the house, locking the door so there's no way he can get in but he could always break through the windows. . . . Stop thinking like that Cloia! Where's the ancestors when you need them? Though how much help can they be, their nothing but ghosts now. I waited for hours still no sign of mom, I'm terrified I keep on having flashing visions of Takashi killing mom just like he killed dad, Matt was now getting impatient as he started wailing again, I rush over to his room grab him as he tried to kick himself away I clutched him tighter to me. I ran out of the room, out of the hall, out of the house, out of the street I ran until I reached uncle Kaoru's house. "What's going on?" he asked half yawning, "mom's gone I've been waiting for her for hours! I think Takashi's got her!" I cried he looked straight at me then pushed me into the house.

"Lillyia! Where the hell are you!" he yelled down the phone but there wasn't a answer, "I swear your mother will be the death of me," he muttered as he threw his phone down onto the table. "You can sleep with Shay till she turns up," Kaoru told me "where's Matt going to sleep?" I asked I can't leave Matt not now he must be as terrified as I am. "He can stay with you, it's getting late good night" he said as he took me up the stairs and to Shay's room, she's my cousin by the way. It was easy going in without waking her up cos she's deaf and can't hear anything, though I think she will be shocked when she see's me in her room in the morning. I couldn't sleep, Matt was clinging to me like a little monkey dozing off "mama," he whimpered "ah Matt" I sighed stroaking his messy black hair reminding me of Drake. I hope mamaw isn't giving him a hard time, he tried to save dad, he really did but he was too late and Takashi is too skilled and powerful against Drake. I hadn't slept the whole night though Matt was fast asleep by sunrise, I went down to the living room waiting for the others, Tay- Tay was the first to come down and she was shocked to see me "not that I'm not happy to see you but what the heck are you doing here?" She asked staring at me. "My mom's disappered," I told her she just looked more shocked "no way she just left you!" she snapped "I don't think-"

"I can't believe that I understand she's heartbroken about your dad but still!" she huffed, as the day went on I had to explain to them what had happened then Kaoru tried calling mom for an hour then waited till after lunch but the same thing happened no answer so he called the police. For days and weeks we all searched for mom but there was no sign of her and now we live with my uncle Kaoru, Aunt May- Lyne and our two cousins Tay- Tay and Shay. At least I still have a little bit of family left since the others have turned against us.