Once Upon A Broken Family

Chapter 2

Gaurdian Angel

Me and Matt had just gotten used to our new life with uncle Kaoru, Aunt May- lyne, Tay- Tay and Shay it has been three weeks since mom's disapperance, it all started out pretty normal that morning I went out with them to the town all the shops were open though we were only there for food. "Oh hi Cloia, I heard about your dad is your family alright?" this is my friend from school Mei Chang, "I really don't want to talk about it Mei. . ." I told her trying not to look mad even though I was annoyed with her for reminding me. "I'm sorry Cloia senpi! I really didn't mean to-" "just go now okay?" Tay- tay shooed her away or more like pushed her away. "Tay- tay what have I told you about pushing people like that?" Aunt May- Lyne glared at her "it's rude but she was teasing Cloia!"

"She wasn't teasing me, Tay- tay she's my friend. . . she was just-"

"sure she was," don't get me wrong I love my cousin but at times like these I feel like strangling her just then the old drums of war echoed through the town, they haven't been used for centuries I was suprised that they actually kept them. Everyone rushed to the centre where Chika one of the goverments messenagers, "girls stay here" aunt May- Lyne said to us before walking into the town centre with uncle Kaoru along with many other people. "Damn, come on cus" Tay- Tay muttered as she started climbing up a pile of boxes til she reached the top of the gate. "Tay get down! I've already lost my parents and my brother I don't want to loose you and all!" I called after her but did she listen?

"I'll be fine! Now jump up here, you wanna know what's going on don't ya!"

"Incase you haven't noticed Tay- tay, I've got a five week old baby in my arms!"

"Give him to Shay then! She won't drop him!"
I really didn't want to do this but it was obivious Tay- tay was going to make me join her up on the roof one way or another, so I gently handed Matt to Shay though she was to confused to understand what was going on she almost dropped him as soon as I placed him in her arms. I couldn't explain what was going on since I didn't know any sign lanuage at the time so I just turned and jumped up at the gate next to Tay- tay and watched as the news was annouced.

"Citizens! I bring news from Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori! Takashi Suoh has broken out of prison!" He annouced everyone gasped in horror, Takashi is the most dangerous man in Kyoto if not the whole of Japan. He has killed many people even if they haven't done anything to him, no one knows why he does all of this some think he was just born evil, though I couldn't believe they would wait this long to actually do something about his escape. It's been five weeks already since he broke out, don't the goverment have any idea how dangerous he is? Dosen't him being the most wanted criminal in Japan mean anything to them?

"Orders from Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, one man from every family is to serve the Japanese army!"

At that moment me and Tay- tay gasped, the only man left in our family was Kaoru, he left the army many years ago to be a teacher, he only went into the army because his dad forced him to. He wouldn't last five minutes against Takashi! And to make this worse, this means he'll have to watch or kill his own brother! We both froze and stared as Chika called out names of families praying to the ancestors that somehow the goverment have forgotten to add our family.

"The Suoh family!"

Oh crap, just then Tay- tay jumped off the roof as Kaoru walked towards Chika, I had to go after her before she could do anything she would regret later "I'm ready to serve" Kaoru bowed at him but just as he was about to be handed his scroll Tay- Tay pulled him away. Yeah I was too late, she's a quick runner "please sir. . . don't make my dad do this! Taka-"

"Silence! If I were you Suoh I would of taught my daughter to hold her tongue in a man's presence!" Chika snapped glaring at her so was Kaoru he took his scroll and started to walk way. "Tay- Tay, you dishonour me"

I know ouch, how could he say that to her? I know she can be impulsive but still, the four of us, me, Tay- tay and Shay and May- Lyne watched as he marched out not looking at either at us.

It just worse around supper time, I was wondering around the house just when I passed uncle Kaoru and aunt May- lyne's room I saw Kaoru slowly swishing a samurai sword around practisicing for the fight against Takashi. Suddenly he fell to the floor panting like he was in pain, I moved away from the door

"Tay- tay?"

at that moment I ran to the living room, though it was probably nothing to get frightened about it's not like Kaoru would hurt me if he saw me. "Seen a ghost?" May- lyne asked as she chopped a bunch of carrots while Shay was cutting through some peppers "um. . . no is Kaoru really going to go?" just after I asked aunt May stopped chopping and froze.

"He has no choice Cloia, it's an order one man from every family must serve the army to stop Takashi" she told me "and Kaoru is the only man left in our family."

"But May- lyne the army is big enough as it is why does it need more men just to catch one?" it didn't make any sense sure Takashi is dangerous but surely 90 men are enough. "I don't know Cloia, it was the Prime Minister's decision not mine and don't worry okay" she stared at me seriously and in a way telling me to drop the converstation or change the subject. But I couldn't, it bothered me that I could possibly loose my uncle after already loosing three family members my dad, my brother and my mom.

Shortly after it was time for supper, non of us had talked to eachother so it was in complete awkward silence until suddenly Tay- tay kicked off.

"You shouldn't have to go!"

"Tay- tay"

"There are like what? 100 guys in the army already! They don't need any more!" Tay- Tay snapped "Takashi needs to be stopped and it will be an honour to defend Japan and this family" Kaoru said sternly which only made her worse. "So you'll die for honour? You've never fighted Takashi before! You've never even bothered with him!"

"I know my place! It is time you learned yours!" Kaoru yelled at her though for once I'm actually on her side it's true that uncle Kaoru never bothered his brother cos all he did was cause trouble but maybe after everything that has happened this year changed his mind. I heard her cry as Tay- tay stormed out into the back yard, she probably thought we all had turned against her usually we just leave her but she has always helped me out when I was in trouble so it's time to pay her back. It was pouring down with rain so it was a little hard to see her through all the water, "Tay- Tay!"

"Tay! It's me Cloia!"

"Go away!" she snapped at me then I saw her crouching on the old dragon statue,

"Tay, look your right but your dad is really mad at Takashi for what he had done to my parents and Drake that he isn't thinking straight" I said to her but now she wasn't listening "just leave me alone! It's your damn fault!" Ah yeah like I was the one that helped Takashi break out of prison it is totally my fault.

"Eh? How the hell-"

Before I could say another word I got pushed back onto the drenced ground then got many hits and kicks from Tay- tay which shortly leaded to us fighting like a couple of loinesses.

"I hate you!" Tay- tay screamed at me after I threw her back to the ground for the third time since our fight started "I hate you to!" I snapped back at her we were both soacked wet and crying though niether of us meant it, my temper's just as bad as her's.

I watched as Tay- tay ran back to the house just to lock herself in her bedroom again and sob while I stayed out in the pouring rain even when I seated myself into the arms of the stone dragon it didn't stop the rain getting to me.

"Cloia" I heard a voice, it sounded like my dad the same American country accent he used to speak so when I looked up, there he was I thought I had either gone mad or it was just a dream. "Dad?"

"What was that all about eh? I don't want you fighting eachother over the things your uncle had done" he said to me looking at me in a sad way like he was about to cry. "But dad Kaoru's been ordered into the army and he wouldn't last five minutes out there, I've already lost you, Drake and mom" I told him even though he probably already knows this. "How the hell are you here anyway? You got stabbed to death by Takashi! Eh!"

"I'm your gaurdian Cloia and Drake's but unfournetly since he's not with you I can't vist him" he sighed rubbing the back of his neck like he always did when he was nervous. "What do you mean? Can't you just. . . . I don't know. . . ghost yourself where Drake is, he's at your moms it's a long story"

"I can't go anywhere outside Japan, and I was only given today to talk to you" he said this still didn't make any sense to me how is he supposed to be a gaudian to me and Drake if he could never see neither of us. "But your our guardian dad aren't you?"

"yes but I'll only be able to guide you in spirit" I still didn't get it.

"You'll understand someday, but Cloia I need you to promise me something" he stared into my eyes seriously I could already tell what this promise was going to be. "Take care of your family, they are hurting as much as you are and it was bad enough when your grandma took Drake away. I'm going to have to haunt her as punishment for that, I've seen Drake when I looked down at him from the sky."

"Eh, you told me you aren't allowed to leave Japan" this spirit stuff was starting to do my head in. "I meant I can't leave Japan myself so I can't talk to him like am talking to you I can only watch over him from the sky and send him my spirit, anyway you need to appolize to Tay- tay."

"That's easier said than done," I muttered she's stubbon as anything, "I'm serious Cloia cos if you don't make up it'll only get worse" he warned me guess ghosts can see the future aswell. "I'll talk to her tommrow, she's probably already cried herself to sleep by now" maybe not that quick but now really isn't the right time to get back with her. "Alright but you must talk to her, your gonna need to help eachother out while Kaoru's away as he might not come back" I was afraid he was going to say that. Tay- tay was always close to her dad, they were like Mulan and Fa Zhou and if I keep fighting with her May- lyne might kick me out. "Right then, now that's all sorted my time is almost up" dad sighed glancing up at the sky, "eh what-" seriously this is it? I'm not going to talk to him again and what about Drake? He needs our dad more than me and he hasn't told me how Drake is doing! But before I could say anything else he disappered.