I could hardly sleep that night,
going over and over
our conversation,
me blurting out THAT question
again and again.

I didn't have the courage
to face you the next day.
So I typed in the question,
asking you again,
crossing my fingers
as I hit send.

Almost immediatly you answered,
and I had to read it
agian and again,
sure that I was asleep.


You, my childhood crush,
after years of longing
before I finally gave up hope,
returned my feelings.

I was ecstatic,
walking on air
up to Cloud 9.

Not once did I fear falling,
believing that you would be there
to catch me,
to sweep me off my feet.

You weren't.

Oh, and what a long fall it was.

I overheard you talking,
with my dear brother,
who had politely asked about us.

I refused to believe the words
that you uttered so quietly.
And as the days passed,
I started to believe myself.

Then I saw how you looked at her.

You didn't see me,
lost in your own little world,
light-years away from mine,
which was falling to pieces.

Later, I had asked you if you meant what you said.

At first,
you didn't understand.

But then you did.
And instead of telling me the truth...

You denied it,
lying to me
again and agian.

I couldn't take it anymore.
"Did you cheat on me with her?"
I asked, nay demanded
his answer.

And it was:


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