This was a skit I made

Jim: Man today is sooo boring i wonder if-
Future Jim: (busts through door) Oh my god! I actually made it!
Jim: Who are you
F.J: I'm you, from the future!
Jim: Wow! How did you do that!
F.J: It doesn't matter, I need to tell you something!
Jim: What is it?
F.J:(distracted) You see those birds over there?
Jim: Yea?
F.J: Aren't they cute?
Jim: Yea, so?
F.J: Thats not important. Now, here's the message.
Jim: Ok
F.J: Here it is. The message is-
(Loud band passes by)
Jim: What?
second F.J: I said "watch out for that loud band"
Jim: That was the message?
F.J:And who are you?
2F.J: Yes, because right now, you from the future will impart great wisdom, but, a loud band will mute his words. As for who I am, I'm you from the future future!
Past Jim: Greeting all!
Jim: Who are you!
P.J: I'm You, from the past!
Yu: And I'm Yu from the present, your rent is due!
P.J: Whos this guy?
Jim: Oh, he'll be your new landlord in the future. His name is Yu. The other one died.
F.J: Also it turns out that You have been paying your next door neighbors rent. He's doing that because he hates you. I don't know why though.
Yu: Because Your dog keeps barking!
Jim: I don't have a dog!
Yu: Then who has it?
Jim: Mi has it!
Yu: Who?
Jim: The upstairs neighbor!
Yu: OHHH. I'm sorry for making you pay your neighbors rent. As a token of apology, I'll make him pay yours.
Jim: Coolio(turns to Future him) So, what did you guys want to tell me?
F.J: You know what, I forgot. Dang band made me forget!
F.J: (Turns to 2F.J) Do you know what I was going to say?
2F.J: Not a clue. I couldn't hear over that band.
F.J: Well I guess we'll never know. Better hit that old, dusty trail.
2F.J: Me too.
P.J: Me three, see ya!
John: Hey guys, I have a message to give!
Jim: Seriously! And who are you!? Me from the future future future or whatever! or maybe the past past!
John: No, its me, John, your twin brother. We're out of toilet paper