Chapter 1: Lena, Part 1

Metal clashing. Bright lights. High pitched screams.

I remember everything from the car crash. Especially that it was my fault, or at least most of it was. I sigh; my parents are probably going to be really upset.

My friends and I were returning from a ski trip, and I remembered I left my favorite flat iron at the hotel.

"Genya, can you please turn back, I forgot the flat iron at the hotel!" I quipped in my thick Russian accent. Genya glared at me with her ice blue eyes, she was a beauty, but she sure could've been a pain in the neck.

"Lena, how many times do I have to bicker? I want to go straight home to Oskar. You can buy a new one, I'll even give you the sum!" she grumbled keeping her eyes on the slippery road.

"Yeah Lena, you can just get a new one. I really miss my parents!" Annyesa, my other friend, cried. The ginger could be annoying at times, but I loved her.

I rolled my eyes. The flat iron was a special edition! It also had the autograph of the designer; I was definitely not going keep it at some middle class hotel bathroom!

"No, we are turning back!" I squealed.

Genya took her eyes off the road for just a second, but that second changed everything. The wheels had an erratic rhythm and spun themselves off into a ditch. The car rolled in meddlesome motions on the rocky cliff into the deep ditch. Pieces of glass were scraping my skin, and metals from the exterior were becoming the interior. I blacked out right after feeling a painful blow to my head.

I couldn't recall what happened after that moment, but I wasn't so sure that Genya or Annyesa were still alive. I'd give up all my things to have my friends back again.

I started tearing up, feeling the hot and salty tears on my tongue.

Maybe if I hadn't been so spoiled, I could have avoided this gallimaufry.

As I was wallowing in myself pity, the doctor walked in. He had a wrinkly, but kind, face. His eyes were a stone grey, and his hair was very frail looking. He was broad chested and tiny, but had a seriousness to his stride.

"Lena, you are very lucky you survived such a treacherous accident. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the two other girls." He mumbled. I later found out that his name was Dr. Pinchersky.

I felt the tears well up again, but I knew crying wouldn't change anything that happened.

"Are my parents here?" I sobbed. I needed some support, but I'm not sure I would get any.

My parents barely pay attention to me, the buy their love with me. I think they would be even too busy to even notice I was severely injured, as that probably doesn't have much significance to them.

"Yes, they are. They are waiting in the lobby, let me go get them." Dr. Pinchersky smiled, but it didn't make me feel much better.

I was surprised that they even pushed away their work away to pay attention to me. I have become accustomed to being unloved by my folks. It was second nature to me, it's like they didn't exist.

This was a great treat, I thought, to even have myself in their thoughts.

I was pretty sure they were doing it to make a good example for themselves, a placebo I shall say, to make believe that they are amazing parents.

Seconds after the rage, both of my parents walked in with glum faces.

"Lena, what have you gotten yourself into?"

"Lena, was it for attention?" My parents spat at the same time.

That was the final straw! Not only do they neglect me, but they think I am just putting on a sick show. I was so angry, I just could've exploded!

All of a sudden, I felt myself floating of the stiff bed. Both my parents watched in awe, as if I was some exhibit.

I had no idea what was going on, I was frightened and angry. While levitating, I mustered all the hate I had, and glared at them some more.

They fell to the floor screaming, holding their hands to their heads.

Doctors and nurses streamed into the room, wondering what the whole commotion was. They were incredulous to the site!

Doctors called the militia, and nurses huddled behind each other.

I didn't want people to be frightened of me, I myself had no idea what was happening!

I looked with them with pity. Don't be afraid, I don't know what I'm doing. I won't harm you!

They stopped and stared at me. Nurses whispered in each other's ears, and doctors started screaming in the telephone receivers for help.

What could I do?

They would definitely catch me while I was still vulnerable! I needed to find a way to move, so I had at least some time to stall the militia.

Well, if I can control and penetrate minds, why don't I just get them to move out of the way?

I flew myself over were the whole riot was and tried to get their attention. But I realized, it wasn't as simple as that.

How could I start my power again? I needed to think what made it come in the first place after all. One word came instantly to my mind. Rage.

I thought about how much hatred I would get if they did catch me. How they would pick at me to see how I was different from their normal standard.

I felt the white hot rage take over me. I stared at them with anger. Move. Now!

They all collapsed to the floor, screaming and trying to reduce the pain by rubbing their temples. I made the pain even stronger and many blacked out.

Doctors crawled and tried to reach for the fallen people's pulses, but found that there was none. I grinned evilly; I have become a new person. Spectra.

I flew through the pristine white corridors, seeing the ill and injured gasp at a levitating girl. It was probably the only excitement they've had in the hospital since their arrival.

I open the glass doors and feel the cool fresh air on my skin. But my freedom is almost miniscule, as I see militia soldiers standing on the ground with guns.

I levitate higher and into the clouds, hoping they won't catch me. But my hope diminishes, as I know there are skilled snipers in the group.

I smile a sad smile, and wait for a bullet to hit me.