Chapter 5: Dorian

Thump, thump, thump.

The steady beat on the floor above him was distracting his well-deserved sleep. Well, at least he thought so.

After he busted his ass at the grill all day he was exhausted. He didn't know why he even worked there, he barely earned anything. Considering he wasn't even a well-known chef, it was probable.

A warm body next to him rolled over and silently groaned.

"Hey… Uhmm… I think you should go before the bus system closes for the night…" He mumbled, embarrassed that he even invited the waitress over to his place.

"Can't I stay the night here, Dorian?"

"Listen, Evangeline, I don't have anything against you… it's just, I think its best that you leave." He politely put it, as he wasn't up for a relationship.

Also the grill wouldn't allow it, as it was against the rules for employees to have a relationship. But when did he follow the rules?

She frowned at him and collected her scattered articles of clothing off his grimy floor. Slouching to the door she gave him one last glare, and slammed the door behind her.

He let his head drop onto his stinky pillow. Boy, did he need to be domesticated.

Slowly falling back to sleep, he let himself ease the tension of the night.

Steady light was streaming from his dirty window. The light was blinding his sleep deprived state, so he put a hand on his face to slightly get around the obstacle.

Moaning with the discomfort of his tense muscles, he threw himself out of his creaky bed.

Looking around him, he looked for a pair of clothes that was somewhat decent compared to the other pieces of dirty clothing that was piled up on the floor.

Today was his day off, and he was very happy. He hated the grill, and only worked there because it was the only job that he could land near his campus.

So far he settled on training to have a career in astrophysics, as he was absolutely fascinated about stars and all the possibilities out there.

Once he got enough money, and graduated, he wanted to apply to a high end company that would certainly hear him out. He had enough of working at crappy places; he finally wanted change in his life.

Dorian wanted to put his input on black holes, placement of stars, possible galaxies, and so many other things. He wanted to avenge his scientist parents, who couldn't be heard because they worked at a low end place that eventually got blown up by a nuclear chemist.

His parents had taught him well, and they even said he had a nack with the whole concept.

Sighing, he got up. He didn't want to spend his whole day moping around, so he picked up his leather jacket and headed out of his apartment.

On his way down, he saw two suspicious women staring at him. Once they saw him noticing them, they quickly turned their heads away, and mumbled to each other.

Slightly worried, he got went down further, and hid behind the staircase. He tuned in to pick up some parts of their hushed voices.

"…. Probably doesn't know…"

"….. Let him discover first!"

Confused, he continued out of the building, wondering what the hell they were talking about. They HAD to be talking about him; after all, there was no one else there.

He kept quiet and continued down the stairway to the front exit of the apartment complex. He wanted to do something that day, he stayed inside too much and was starting to pale.

Deciding he didn't have that much will power to walk all the way to the city, he decided to take the bus. He strolled over to the bus stop and just stood there, staring at his feet.

Hearing footsteps approach him, he quickly gazed up to see who would be joining him. He saw the same two women that were possibly talking about him.

The tall, blond one approached him with a sly look on her face. She was a beauty, which was for certain.

The brunette scampered after the seductive blond, having a needy look in her eyes, as if she needed some sense of direction or over powerment.

"Has anything strange ever happened to you?" The blond asked, with a thick Russian accent. It perfectly matched her Slavic features.

"No, how so?"

"Well, you see… My friend and I think you have some sort of connection with us…"

"I've never seen you in my entire life. I'm sorry." He replied in a clipped tone. He was a bit curious as to what she was talking about. How could something strange happen to him, beside his work relations?

"Well if something does happen, make sure to call me," The blond took a pen out from her purse and wrote on a yellow notepad. She then quickly ripped the piece of paper and curtly gave it to him.

She then nodded to the brunette and they both walked away. He looked down at the piece of paper, and could catch some snippets of their conversation as they slowly faded into the further distance.

"…are you sure he is the right guy? What if he is a mere human?" A squeaky voice squealed, with a twinge of slight fear.

"Tikha! He could still hear you! And he has to be, I could feel his mind shine brightly…." And then the voice became too quiet for him to hear anymore.

What does she mean that his mind has shown brightly? His hair was a dark brown; he certainly didn't have a golden blond head of hair that shone under the sun.

He pondered on her statement. What did she mean?

His thoughts had been interrupted by the low grumble of the bus engine that approached. He stuffed the piece of yellow paper into his back pocket and boarded the rickety, public bus.

Sitting in the back of the bus, he was left alone with his whirlwind of thoughts. The thinking had made his head hurt, he was already stressed out enough with work and school, and now these two women walk into his life and make a whole conspiracy of some sort.

What do they mean by strange?

He thought back, the only strange things that have happened were out of embarrassment, like that one time he got drunk and talked to a homeless guy, and the previous night with Evangeline.

They couldn't be talking about that sort of strange. There was definitely much more behind the meaning, and he was slowly building up pressure.

Relax. The brunette had to be right; they certainly got the wrong guy. He was plain old Dorian, nothing strange or supernatural about him.

He sighed. He wanted more excitement in his life, and whoever the real guy was, must've been a work of art or something. Strange. Unordinary. Interesting.


Wait. That was it. How did he not realize it! They said something about being human, and they must have not been human if they called him one, and not just a person.

He fished out the yellow paper and clutched it tightly in his fist. Once he was off this bus, he was going to find out what the hell was going on.

The bus finally came to a halt, and Dorian dashed out as fast as he could. Looking around him, he spotted a nearby telephone booth. Thank god it was empty.

He yanked the rusty door open and grabbed the phone off the rack. He dug out a quarter and shoved it stressfully in the slot. If he had been using any more force, he might've ripped the phone out of the rack.

He pushed the buttons to dial the phone number, and waited anxiously for the woman to answer.

"Hello, I see you finally have decided to call…"

"Listen you-you, alien! I don't know what the hell you were talking about before, but what did you mean?"

"I don't understand, me, an alien? What do you ever so mean?"

"You said something about me being human… Aren't you human?"

"Ughh, I apologize about that. That was my friend here. Sveenookha…"

It sounded so half-hearted, and worried. He knew she was hiding something.

"You also said something about my mind shining; you better tell me what the hell you're talking about!"

"Listen, Dorian, I don't know what you have been smo-"He cut her off immediately.

"How do you know my name? And I know I heard you!" He growled, he was getting much angrier. Why was she so evasive? She brought it up!

"Well… That's for you to find out. You'll eventually find the truth, slatky. Dasvidania!" And the line went silent.

"Oh no! You don't just dasvidania me!" He screamed angrily in the phone.

He didn't have time to play with this whole treasure hunt. He was a busy man, and wanted a normal life. But this woman just barged and played this whole thing on him.

He could feel the pressure build up.

An anxiety attack was coming. He had been suffering with these all his life, and his parents always made sure he had medication to calm down. After all, they didn't want him to seem like some sort of freak.

He searched in his pockets for the medication bottle, and he felt nothing. Shoot, that's what he forgot, his medication.

Sitting down in the small space, he put his head in between his knees and thought about the woman and her partner.

He thought about them telling him the truth about what they were talking about. He wanted in on their little secret or society.

Suddenly, he felt queasy and felt a large amount of pressure being put on his body. It felt as if a large hand was squeezing his body into a mince.

Dorian couldn't hear anything for a couple of moments, thinking he had become deaf. He tried to scream, but the pressure made him stop breathing. He tried to open his eyes, only to be met with darkness.

A small, lavender light appeared. The pressure was being lifted. He felt as if he were floating, like he was swimming in a vacuum of some sort. He regained the use of his arms and legs, and started pushing himself through the light.

It became lighter as he came closer, becoming blinding a blinding white. He couldn't see anymore, and the same pressure was placed on him.

The only thing he could do was clench his teeth because of the great discomfort that was being inflicted on him.

He saw shaped form, and things started gaining color again. He saw two forms sitting down on a leather couch.

Both had feminine forms.

He regained full capability of his limbs, and he could see correctly again.

"You," He choked out, staring at the blond.

She and her friend were sitting in an apartment that seemed newly moved in.

The blond smiled and got up, while the brunette stayed curled up on the couch looking nervous.

"Told you I was right.." The blond cackled to the brunette, while the brunette rolled her eyes with a slight humorous glint.

"W-what just happened?" Dorian whispered.

"You discovered your capability. That was what I was talking about."

"So you mean, we are like some X-Men or something?"

"I guess you could say that, except we are real."

She walked over and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. She led him over to the couch, and sat him down.

Dorian was so shaken that he needed guidance.

"What are your names?" He mumbled, still shocked of his transportation from one place to another. He would certainly research this.

"I'm Lena," She pointed to herself with her slender pointer finger, "And that's Asa." She pointed with her thumb.

He looked at them, feeling comfort of some people that can guide him through his newfound discovery. They were now his support team.

"Now that you are with us, we must establish something…"


"We protect each other, we support each other, and we defend each other. No matter our differences." She said determinedly.

Lena seemed to be the most confident out of the three of them.

"I agree. But, what did I just do, what can you do? I need answers!"

"Woah there! Calm down, this will take some time… I will answer those three, and I will further establish more over time,"

"Okay, just tell me what the hell is going on!"

"Well, as you stated before, I guess you could call us 'homeo superior'. From what I suspect, you can travel to different to different places. I can control minds, and Asa is intangible. The rest you will find out later."

"But, what is our purpose? What will I do in life? How will we live in peace with humans? Are there others? How will we find them-"

"Quiet" She stared at him with her ice blue eyes. He instantly shut his mouth.

She then pressed two fingers to his temple.

"Sleep, Dorian."

He then shut his eyes, and felt a comforting darkness envelope his mind.

A/N: Translations (Russian to English) Tikha- Quiet

Sveenoocha- pig (female)

Slatky- sweety, sweethard, sweet

Dasvidania- Good Bye