Sin's Imagination

My dream world is a world made of paper flowers. Of black and white and peaceful lullabies. Of melancholy faces and broken-up thoughts. Of un-necessary dreams and false pretend of compatibility.

Have you any idea of how my world feels? A sense of peace and tranquility. Of softness and comprehension. Of disturbed and distraught. Of risk and need.

I want you to know one thing about my world. It's beautiful isn't it? What the most captivating thing about it is that I am who I am in this world. I run to this world everyday. I run to it when I'm scared. I run to it when I feel lonely. I run to it when I least expect it. This is what I love. Can you see it?

In my world, my friends and the people who don't know me are my everything. They don't know me. I don't know them and yet they are my world. I see through them. I see through their facades. I see through their souls. I see through their lies and through their thieving deceptions.

This is Sin's imagination.