"What a wicked game to play with the minds of the human brain. They ; who believe they are powerful because they are on the quest for knowledge. They; Who believe they can conjure me with psychological ideas and a lust for power? They; who also tormented my soul to try to find me. What do you want? If you want me, come get me." - - Sin

"Shut up, you idiot girl. Here they come. Now," I whisper angrily. "Go hide. We will now play a wonderful sadistic game of hide and seek," I finish. The orb of light remains quiet and amazingly, it shuts up and flutters away to the back of the mind. I blink and shrug it off. I retreat into the dark shadows as well, camouflaging with the dark interiors inside the puny human's brain. To tell the truth, I've hoped for these idiot humans to find me. You maybe wondering, why? Let me tell you my real story.

I'm a demon. A dark figure that follows you anywhere and everywhere; I haunt you to bring you nothing but misery. Sure, as you can see, I was probably not the greatest ruler considering I was a Queen in the Dark Realms until I got locked up by some asshole who believed he was far stronger than I and re-incarnated me into a body that has no use or talent WHAT-SO-EVER, but then again, I'm at my most sadistic now.

My eyes grow wide with excitement, my hands trembling, the feeling of power emerging from my hands. I WANT to crush everyone. I WANT them to die from fear. I was...no... I AM a powerful queen. I WANT my freedom. I WANT to DESTROY. "AH!" I pound the walls I lean against and my pupils grow large, glowing and glistening like alluring diamonds. My nails increasingly growing and my dark aura rising; I smile wickedly. "Come on, imbeciles. Let me free. Come on...C'MON!" I growl and spread the width of my wings to the very last inch!

Not far from where I stay, can I hear the drilling slowly echoing the dark chambers I am held in. In no time, the drill hits the chambers to which I see the bright glow of shearing light. In my mind, I knew what came next; the flashlight and the scope. Here's where I come in. Why not have a little fun?