Eternal Land.

When you think of white, what do you see? Do you think of snow like tonight's snow-fall or heaven? A place unreachable or possibly the beyond? My hand reaches out towards the night sky, wanting to grasp and catch the falling balls of fluff. When will the white turn black or red...? When will it stop to give false hope that maybe there is something out there further than we can see? That maybe someday we will get to see... the real truth after such a beautiful cruel tragedy. Hesitantly, I pull away my hand and lay it back to rest within my black coat pocket. "There has to be something more...," I whisper. "Or are we just caged in a deathly game to be either eaten and dead." I sigh and a small puff of air relieves itself into the wind. "Time to go, I see," I speak once more. I turn my body to begin walking north-bound towards home, while the sound of my winter boots crushes the blanket of snow beneath me.

This night somehow seemed much more terrifying than any other. I have been out before at late hours on my own but something overwhelming had led me to this clearing just outside my home city towards the darkened sky and the white orbs. Just recently, I moved back to my birthplace called "Lorelei." "How tragic...It's a beautiful name," I speak my opinion out loud, my lips a little frozen from the cold wind. The truth is the name was deceiving. "Like humans..." whispered huskily a male voice into the air. I stop in my tracks and my dark charcoal eyes come to a close. "Like humans...," I whispered back to the voice.

Opening my eyes, the first thing I catch a glimpse of is a dark shadow leaving my side through the buildings and down into the earth. The same place where my shadow had been and now, it's disappeared. My shadow was gone! My gaze remains indifferent. I had seen this happen, somewhere. The idea of carrying a shadow with you, in my opinion, is so you know that you don't live in solitude and that you, yourself, should be there for yourself but when your shadow leaves you willingly or it's stolen, it means you have heard and are now bounded by a demonic presence. Without your shadow, you are a puppet with a delicious soul for the taking which can lead to possessions, exorcism and most of all: your death. Taking forward steps, I continue my trail to my home. Reaching the cold door, I take out my frozen hands which held my key for entrance and place it within its locket.

The first thing I noticed upon unlocking my door was the sight of red... EVERYTHING INSIDE MY HOME WAS AN OVERWHELMING SHADE OF BLOOD! OF RED AND THE TEMPERATURE WITHIN THE INSIDE WAS BEYOND WILD FIRES! My breathing hitched itself within my throat and I stepped back, another, and another and one last time. My name was written in RED on every side. Rαveи. "Rαveи..." the walls would whisper my name over and over and over. "Rαveи...!" Sounded a finally thrilling scream from deep within my home! The voice was that of something far beyond what I have ever heard! I couldn't take it and I bolted away from the door. The only place I thought gave me shelter was now a den of fear. This fear was by far more something I never imagined existed.

"Rαveи..." whispered the wind to my ear almost as if wanting to lure me to fly away with its unimaginable form. I turn around and sure enough, a man is there wearing a black jacket with a red "M" tattooed to its place where his heart is. His jeans were a dark shade of blue and his shoes were what seemed like heavy boots. He was handsome and tall with jet-black hair and a very pale complexion. Almost as if he was snow himself and his eyes were the same color as mine; Charcoal black. "Who are you?" I asked quivering from the fright. He responds by saying: "You know my name. I gave you the life you now live and in exchange, you gave me your soul... Don't you remember?" My eyes widen and I flashback to when the sight of my shadow disappeared before me and deep down into the underground. "Mason...?" The devilish little brat! His nicely lined thin lips curve themselves into a mischievous smile, his eyes staring intensely at my frame almost as if he wanted to play. Nonetheless, this man was hungry. Nothing but a beast to the core. "I came back from that eternal land, Rαveи..."