"I came back from that eternal land, Rαveи..." I heard him say. I couldn't get myself to understand. This brat in front of me I had seen him before. I had known him back when we were children but clearly, I do not understand or do not wish too.


Mason and I were childhood sweethearts: laughing and enjoying each other's company like any couple. Then one day, from what I remember eavesdropping on the phone within one of Mother's conversations with Mason's mother, Mason had mysteriously disappeared. After a search was released, we did not receive any signs of Mason after six months. One afternoon, Mother had entered home with a note in hand. Her charcoal colored eyes were brimming with tears as she walked into the living room in which I laid on the couch. I, concerned for her safety and emotional depths, walked to her to try to make it better, but the note that she held in her hand leaned over to me and placed in front of me, stopping my movements from getting any closer to her. Upon reading the note, I couldn't take it. The note read:

Dear Ms. Avena,

I'm so sorry. We did all that we could. From what we have come to comprehend, the whereabouts of the child Mason have confirmed his body was found dead upon arrival to the scene of the crime. It appears that the body of this child has been dead for some time. His body was marked with what seems "satanic" symbols all over his skin (carved it seems) and his body pale as snow within the symbol of a "Pentagram". We have concluded that this child was a part of an offering of a demonic ritual and kidnapped and deprived of food for the past six months. We are sorry for any inconvenience of this tragedy. You may come to claim the body of this child at any time you please.


Evan Cross,

Chief Executive

L.P.D. (Lorelei Police Department).

I remember looking at my mother with a shocked and scared expression. He's dead! Mason is dead! How was it possible?! He seemed like a normal teenage boy! It was nowhere possible. The note I held, I couldn't bear to see it so I crumbled it in tears and held it close to my body as I wept. I had never been to a funeral service before, especially more to my childhood sweetheart service. The look on his mother's face was beyond unbearable, tragically crying for the loss of her son. What could I do?

End of Flashback.

It seems nearly impossible that he was be standing right here, and now in front of me. After all, he has been dead for 5 years now. This wasn't the Mason I thought I knew or that he thought I knew. I am not a fool. Standing from the cold snow, my back now faces to my open home still breaking itself into flames, and I watch "Mason" intensely. How can he stare at me with those same eyes? The eyes that I once adored so lovingly. I couldn't bear it so I look away.

"Mason...this...you're not..." I began to stutter. He wasn't truly here and he has to know. "Rαveи...Did you not hear me?" I flinched at how straight forward he had cut me off from what I had tried to say. "I said I came back," He continued. "I came back from that eternal land. I came back from the deep depths of Lorelei and from the very pits of the Hell we the people fear," he said casually and soothingly putting his hands within his jean pockets. I flinched at his words once more. Demonic Ritual. Satanic. Pentagram. Mason's Death.

Why suddenly did he come? No, the real question was how he was alive. I glance at him once more and this time, he comes forward to stand in front of me. I look up at him, taking in his features closely and oddly enough, he smiled and I wince. It hurts me to see him so dead yet so alive it seemed. His smile was not that of an innocent boy anymore but that of a mischievous and smirking man who finally had grasp of what he wanted. His Prey.

"Rαveи...There is a reason I'm here," he said. "There is a reason your house is burning and there is a bigger reason, why I'm still alive. With time you will come to know but please, believe me. I have returned as a different thing." He stops. I blink, trying to comprehend what he just said. "A different thing, Mason?" His smile grows wider and the look within his eyes turns more sinister and playful. "I'm that which you hate now, Rαveи. I'm a hungry demon back from the dead."