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One Year Ago- July 14th

July 14th.

It's Valley Day.

Every year, the Tawana high school competition band goes to Valley View amusement park for their favourite band competition of the year.

We look at the group, 50 in all; play on the dock at dusk, eating hot dogs.

One by one, they all throw rocks in the water and cheer as they start walking somewhere else.

But what you don't see here is the most important part.

It's about two of the students.

Mason Lowe- A junior, who knows how to have fun, who runs around and makes people laugh.

Who's always tried to be tough,

But deep down,

Is being softened on this very day.

Kim Webber- A freshman who's a bit on the quiet side.

But if she's having a good time, she's not afraid to show it.

Also she loves to laugh.

And it seems like she's been laughing a lot today.

Mason and Kim.

Remember those names.

Because Their Story is incredible.