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As we arrived on the dock, my breath was taken. We were overlooking a small lake attached to the park, and we were on a gorgeous little dock, the sun just beginning to set. Ours was one of the first groups back, and we slowly saw the other groups trickle in. A few moments later, I saw Mason's group walk onto the dock, and the moment Mason saw Kim; he walked up behind her to give her a flirty hug. They walked away to the other side of the dock and talked and laughed together. I gave a tiny smile as I went about talking with Natasha.

A few minutes later, Ms Kelly called us all in line to get dinner. We all got our hot dogs and sat back down in one giant circle across the deck to talk together as we scarfed down our food. In one little corner of the circle, wedged between a bunch of other kids, sat Mason and Kim, quietly talking like there was no one else in the world. I don't know why I'm so fascinated with the idea of Kason. Maybe it's the fact that I've been in my fair share of relationships that have never meant anything. Maybe this is just me learning what a real relationship is about, what it means to be there for each other, to be a steady couple.

To know that even though autumn will come around next year, and Mason might have to leave forever, that this love was real. And I can only hope that it always will be. Love will find a way. I've got to believe that, we all do.

Awesome, I sound sappy again. But it was okay, just this once.

For the first time that day, there was an empty moment of silence across the group. It was just quiet, for once. The only exceptions were in a corner wedged between a bunch of other people. Since Mason and Kim were the "only two people in the world," They didn't notice the silence. They just kept talking, and we all started listening.

"Okay. Here's one." Mason said with a funny grin. "Why isn't their gambling in Africa?"

She gave a little smirk and said, trying to act serious, "Because most of the population in Africa is below the poverty line. Majorly."

Mason laughed. "You always ruin my jokes." He winked.

"I know!" She said jokingly.

One of the other senior guys said in place of the silence, "So, what was the answer?"

Mason looked up. The instant he realized how quiet it had been, and that everyone had been listening to every word, he just started blushing, and eventually laughing at himself, to which we started laughing even harder. Ms. Kelly laughed along a little, but then walked to the center of the circle. She was getting good at speeches. "I'd say it's been another great Valley Day, can we all agree on that?" We all cheered. "I'm sure you know that we still have a few competition days left, but this one if by far the most fun, so enjoy the last of it," she paused. "We'll head over the stadium in about 20 minutes to find out our score. I know you guys worked very hard to earn whatever our score is, so thank you for another amazing season." We cheered again. "I know we've got an incredible class of seniors this year, who won't be with us next year. So thank you to Mariah, Jordan, James, Kayla, Ali, Sierra, Alicia, Cameron, and Mason for being with the Tawana band for four great years. I'll miss you." The applause was wild. It died down for a moment, and when the clapping had stopped, we heard Kim say something, the slightest tinge of sorrow in her voice.

"I'm going to miss you too." She looked at Mason, and curled her head on his shoulder. Immediately, the entire circle said, "Awwwwwww." And they weren't being sarcastic. Everyone sincerely found it cute, though we did end up bursting into laughter a moment later. There was another silent moment.

Ms Kelly grinned, and said, "But come on, you've still got an entire year ahead of you before next August. You can't pretend to know what's going to happen."

Kim just started blushing, trying to hide behind Mason with a giggle, which only made it cuter.

Mason, trying to be the "man," said, "Trust me, I'll enjoy it." And he kissed her forehead. We all "Awww"ed again. Kim smiled at Mason at first, but when she remembered that everyone was around, her face turned rosy red, and you could tell that she was about ready to melt into the ground. I have to admit, with 50 people around, I'd be blushing if I was Kim too, but still, it was cute.

Ms Kelly started talking again. "Okay guys, we've got 20 minutes until we leave. Let's get cleaning up. And everyone start gathering your rocks."

"What?" I asked without thinking.

"Oh." Ms Kelly laughed at herself. "I'm always forgetting that we have freshmen. It's tradition. As we leave the dock for the day, everyone gathers a small rock and tosses it into the lake with their wish for the year attached."

"Cool!" I said. Natasha and I looked at each other and grinned. Sounded fun.

Our plates and trash were all magically cleaned up in less than two minutes. We had all found our rocks from the bed of the lake, and were waiting in a line to be closest to the water. It was an indescribable feeling, being that close to everyone. I looked around. Mariah was first in line with her rock, and at the very end of the line, I saw Mason and Kim standing, talking like always. Ms. Kelly jumped to the front of the line, and was the first one to throw her rock in as she closed her eyes and smiled. There was no talking, just this kind of wordless happiness. One by one, we threw our rocks in and stepped to the side. Slowly, the line shrunk, and the kids scattered, until it was just Mason and Kim left in line, and everyone was they stepped forward to the edge of the dock, they looked at each other with huge grins. They simultaneously threw their stones in like they already knew each other's wishes. As the rocks hit the water, there was a brief moment of silence.

And they kissed.

It was a perfect moment, a shiver went up my spine as everyone cheered and clapped. They separated, and held hands as they were the first ones to begin leaving the dock.

Add a gorgeous sunset to the mix, and I'd never been happier.

Parallel to our time on the dock, the ceremony was crazy. There was screaming and shouting, we jumped and we played like little kids. Valley Day was the best thing ever. After a half an hour of stalling, they finally got to reading off the scores. We didn't make any of the special awards, but we were shocked to hear our performance score.

"Tawana High School! Judge's comment: "One of the best performance groups of the day." Their score? A perfect first."

We exploded. We danced around, and clapped, and hugged, and just plain smiled. We'd made it, we'd done it. It was incredible. All of our work was worth it.

We were disappointed that the day was over, but we were the wildest that we'd been all day. We all stomped onto the bus, and this time Kason got to sit together. The whole way home, we sang songs and laughed together. I normally had a hard time fitting in, but everyone was just so happy, no one was left out.

We pulled up to the school, the energy oozing out of us. We filed off of the bus, got our instruments from the trailer, and headed into the building.

Inside, we found most of our parents talking on one side of the auditorium. But the band stood up on the stage together, and got in a huge circle. We put our hands in the center, although that was hard with 50 of us. We all stood still for a silent moment. The shouted

"VALLEY DAY!" And we split off, running in all directions.

I spent a few minutes cleaning up after finding my mom. I realized that I was actually among the last few people leaving. But as we drove away from the building, away from the best day ever, I saw two dark figures walking out of the building, holding hands. You know who it was. And I remembered how this day had started, the end being a perfect mirror. And I realized how much their story has changed me. Their Story is incredible.

As we drove out of sight, I relaxed my head into my seat, exhausted, but more wound up than ever. I'm out of words to describe them. But, the only words I found, were the ones that also described this Valley Day.

It was perfect.

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