I fell asleep while you fought alone.
My head rested upon the dark envelope
And it followed me through my dreams as a mist.

So I waltzed in a daze.
Blinded and clumsy,
So unlike the spiders you love.
I couldn't help but fumble, tugging in every irrelevant thread,
With only a tangible silence to fray the ends.

I was afraid of that.
Please, forever disregard the light.
Forgive me- I'm not as strong-
I couldn't black it out.

And at your distress, I cried;
The pain I inflicted with taut knots
Gagged me from speaking of my need
Of not undoing, but- healing, guarding.
The creases of your hands, a safety net.

Yet it's too much, not even love could.

And it's locked itself away, by now, that wish.
I keep it right next to my new lung.
My heart still remains undressed but most of all,
I halted the dance too late and too curious.
I have failed you.
So I stand here to receive my sentence:

I will cross every shore
And I will do it