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The gentle hum of a familiar tune stirred his mind from slumber. It was humble melody that his mother sang to him most nights as he fell asleep, something exquisite in its simplicity, and today it was accompanied by the mild purr of an engine that pulled them across the long stretch of land and towards their new home.

He wasn't sure he wanted to wake up just yet. He didn't think he was quite ready to face the challenge of starting a new life, and so instead of opening his eyes, he nuzzled further into his mother's chest to bask in her warmth. He let the soothing sounds and the sway of the car lull him back to a pleasant sleep.

"Wake up, darling," His mother whispered as she kissed the top of her son's feathery head. "We're almost there. You can almost see the ocean."

He looked up from his resting place and watched as the waters slowly rose up from the horizon as they neared the top of the final hill. The sun glistened so dazzlingly off of the clear, shallow waves; it was almost mesmerizing to the small boy. It wasn't long before a small fishing village camped near the edge of the water came into view.

"It's so beautiful…" His mother cooed and his father gave a gruff "Hn," of agreement. "This is your first time seeing the ocean, isn't it, Milo?" She murmured to her son, stroking his downy brunette hair, but he was already fast asleep in her arms, a smile of contentment gracing his small features. After a small chuckle of amusement, she continued to hum her melody all the way down the hill.